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Probably one of the most beautiful resort in the island, Soori charmed us even more when we’re up close and personal.

What Soori is, if I can describe them in one phrase, is an architectural wonder. Utilising the remarkable setting of Kelanting beach, Tabanan, the resort’s design applied brilliant collaboration between modern Asian architectural styles with local elements – both in values and materials. Straight lines doesn’t come out rigid, but blends naturally with natural curves of the area. You can see boxy frames, tall pillars and grid canopies coexist with tropical trees in the middle, as well as the black sand beach, paddyfields and Mount Batukaru on the backdrop.

Another feature to adore is making use of all the natural fundamentals around them. Water becomes a significant factor, with pools both in the complex and within the villas. While air and light is quite the main theme here – large windows are fundamental,”, changing a room’s mood almost instantly by a swing or a lift of a panel. But I just can’t get over those straight lines. It’s everywhere, but none seem to be overused nor cluttering, making it almost baffling that a style so contemporary just feels like it belongs here all along.

Moving along inside, the interiors also implement the same principles of marrying avant-garde plan with polished organic details. Patterned tiles, textured wood and stones and bronze statues compliments the overall grand design of the resort. These aspects applied throughout the whole resort, including their facilities such as the renown Soori Spa and their three exquisite restaurants, Cotta, Ombak and The Reading Room.

All of that makes sense when you learn that Soori was conceived, concepted and created by an architecture firm. Designed by Soo K. Chan, the principal architect and founder of award winning SCD Architects, this firm has projects all over the world. Soo and his group also operates this glorious resort – challenging many big names with stronger grip and reputation of the hospitality industry of Bali. In the end, the question will always be the same: is it just pretty on the eyes, or does it actually live up to its gorgeous skin? One simple answer to that is for a resort managed by an architect and his firm, it has been running for more than five years now – a solid proof indeed.

Soori Bali Banjar
Dukuh, Desa Kelanting,
Kerambitan, Tabanan
T: +62 361 894 6388


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