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World Bipolar Day The Unseen

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Each year World Bipolar Day takes place on March 30. World Bipolar Day is designed to raise awareness worldwide of bipolar conditions and to work to eliminate social stigma whilst providing information to educate and help people understand the condition. For those using social media to post videos and photographs to help raise awareness of bipolar disorder, you are encouraged to use the hashtags #WorldBipolarDay and #BipolarStrong

But what is bipolar anyway? Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder characterized by drastic emotional changes. A person with bipolar disorder can experience manic (very happy) and depressive (very bad) symptoms.

The exact cause of bipolar disorder is not known. However, it is suspected that bipolar disorder is the result of a disruption in natural compounds that function to maintain brain function (neurotransmitters). Disorders of the neurotransmitter itself are thought to be triggered by several factors, such as: Genetic, Social, Environment and Physical.

Komunitas Bipolar Bali (KBB) held a world bipolar day event at Hard Rock Cafe on Sunday, April 4, 2021 yesterday to spread awareness of this condition. The Organization itself has a vision, which is to create community of people with bipolar and their caregiver who are stable and capable of working, and creating impacts.

The Bipolar Bali Community aspires to realize literacy and support for mental health, especially Bipolar which can be accessed by everyone regardless of educational background, socio-economic level, political aspirations, and the various limitations it has in order to create a healthy and physically healthy Indonesia. In an effort to realize this vision, KBB realizes that they cannot work alone without support and collaboration with various parties who share the same vision.

The two main focuses of the KBB movement are the first is to improve mental health literacy in order to stem stigma and encourage the involvement of as many parties as possible in various mental health efforts. The second focus is to provide the best support for various efforts to improve mental health for all people. KBB in striving for the two main focuses of its movement is always guided by three spirits that give color to every activity, namely the spirit of collaborative, progressive, and encouraging activities that are inclusive of all people.

If you or your loved ones need support, you can contact The Bipolar Bali Community (KBB) on their social media handles @komunitasbipolarbali or @bipolarsupportgroupbali 


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