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Wholesome Eastern Solace

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Seated just near the shore edge of Batubolong beach as a part of Ametis Villa, Billy Ho is a restaurant which takes ‘fusion’ concept to another level; combining the wonders of Asian cuisines into a classy, satiating indulgence.

Unique ‘sirap’ scale decoration

Even the interior of Billy Ho has subtly reflected their whole idea. The front entrance and the furniture of the restaurant are composed by wooden-based materials, giving away a sense of natural ‘tropical luxury’. The inner walls contains pleasant surprises of vibrant mural on one side and Indonesian sirap roofing (resembling fish scales) decorating the others, intricately colored with soft pastel tones, giving away a modern contemporary and classic elements to the whole eloquent dining space.

As mentioned before, the dishes of Billy Ho are consisted by the best rendition of Asia’s staple cuisines, created by critically-acclaimed chef Will Meyrick; who has successfully established some of the finest authentic restaurant on the island’s culinary scene. Finest elements of Japanese, South Korean, Shanghai and Indonesian dishes, assembled together in their wide-arrays of extensive menus.

Oshi Sushi With Toro

For a starter, Oshi Sushi with Toro is an irresistible appetizer with wasabi mayo taste, accompanied by aonori, togarashi and red tobiko for an extra freshness, best enjoyed along shoyu dip sauce. Then off to the small plates to enjoy mouth-watering selections of Eastern-induced light bites. For a Japanese-inspired one, Smoked Eggplant with Furikake Spice Mix is a recommended take, simply for the delicious Sesame Soy Dressing that beautifully wraps up the simple dish with pleasant intake of sweet-meets-nutty flavor. One of our personal favorites is Crispy Chicken Skin; which served in enormous size, served along Truffle Oil Potato Puree and Salted Chili Flakes for an exquisite aftertaste.  For the main dish, who can resist a portion of super-tender Braised Wagyu with (huge slices!) of Potato, Slow Cooked Egg, Shiitake Shroom, Togarashi and Aonori, served with crunchy textured Japanese rice.

Caramel Parfait

To wrap up the wholesome dine, don’t leave without trying one of Billy Ho’s delectable dessert; such as Salted Caramel parfait served with Cashew Nuts Roti Crisps and Caramel Sauce Mille-Feuille. The sweet-salty caramel flavor perfectly blends with crunchy ‘roti’, leaves you wanting more on each bites. The restaurant also recently introduces their latest wrapper variant, Salak Panacotta; which brilliantly combines the peculiar (candied) Jackfruit with Young Coconut Jelly and Lime Sorbet for a refreshing sour-meets-sweet palate cleanser.

Pantai Batu Bolong Street, Canggu, North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali

T: +62 813 5387 3272


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