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When Jakarta and Bali Collaborate for Tasty Food

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An exclusive collaboration between Jakarta’s Best French Restaurant, Lyon – Mandarin Oriental and Apéritif, Bali’s most unique fine dining destination happened last week in Jakarta. It was an exquisite lunch and dinner set menus that explores global cuisine by way of the Indonesian archipelago. Also introducing a melange of flavours that reflect the borderless nature of today’s world. The culinary team, led by Chef Nic, expertly infuses hints of Indonesia’s rich gastronomic culture with contemporary global cuisine.

Chef Nic Vanderbeeken brings over 20 years of experience working in established restaurants in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Vietnam and Indonesia, emphasising his mastery over infusing lesser-known Indonesian flavours and ingredients with distinctive modern European cuisine. His progressive and eclectic cooking style lends itself to the restaurant’s cuisine. It melds the best of modern European techniques and cuisine with various ingredients and touches from the Old Spice islands to create dishes that appeal to the modern global diner.

The dining experience at Aperitif has become the hallmark of its reputation, encompassing the quality of the ingredients, the perfect execution, and the sheer multitude of flavours. Being able to tell stories through food, using the best seasonal produce from the property’s own greenhouse, as well as in Bali and around the world, is an important aspect of Chef Nic’s culinary thinking. Definitely one of the best collaborations between both cities, and we can’t wait for more.


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