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Unleash Your Inner Olympian: Be Competitive and Healthy While in Quarantine

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Come Olympic Games season, it’s always fun to watch the many sports events. The competition, the emotion, the drama, the victory moment. Inspiring in the sense of achievement is inevitable. 

Yet, there’s always that slight feeling that you want to do some exercise after. Or at least, better. After all, in this uncertainty of the pandemic, having extra shots of adrenaline and endorphins is highly recommended.

If you, for whatever reason, are absolutely bound at home, then open your Shopee app and order a jump rope. Start to work your way around the rope, and become a master. One of the Internet’s jump rope sensations, Lauren Flymen, or best known with her TikTok handle, @LaurenJumps, also started her journey at the beginning of the pandemic. So it’s really possible! Now, if that’s not enough and you miss the open air, why not go out for a walk or a run? I recommend the sidewalks of BTDC complex in Nusa Dua. It’s less crowded than public parks or beaches, the path is wider and comfortable, lush trees for view and shade, and perfect spots for quick water breaks.

Colorful Fishing Boats Beside Perancak Temple

Another option for outdoor activity is tennis, and what better place to do it than Liga Tennis in Kerobokan? One of our favorite places in the South, the tennis center and academy bears more courts than we could count – available for indoor and semi-outdoor as well! Yet, if what you miss is that familiar gym environment with the weights, equipment, and people grunting, then go to Wefitness in Kedampang. It has everything that a state-of-the-art gym does – but it’s open space. Awesome.


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