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Time to pick up a hobby

When the internet was formally defined by the FNC (Federal Networking Council) in 1995, nobody could foresee the extent of our reliance on it. This dependence encompasses more than just regarding it as a means for communication or research. The internet has become a source of entertainment in more ways than one.

We can now listen to music by streaming random songs through Spotify or purchase digital albums via iTunes. Traditional TV has found new tough, competitions in the form of Netflix, Amazon Prime and even YouTube to a certain degree. And then you have social media, which some may regard as the bane of their existence.
Sure, the usage of social media since the days of Friendster has its many rewards. Small businesses have taken to social media to promote and sell their products and services, while the careers of musicians and bands have been known to take off with the support of such internet- based applications. All the above are all well and good, yet now you have the likes of the über-annoying Mannequin Challenge or super-cute pets that have their own Instagram pages courtesy of their insane owners. Yes, I’m talking about viral trends, and before we go on,
I have to point out that some viral trends have a noble purpose behind them, such as the ALS Bucket Challenge or other similar positive social awareness campaigns. But those that are out there for the sake of amusing netizens and creating pointless hype have led to me question: have we really gotten that bored of the world and life itself to the point that our main source of amusement and entertainment comes from an absurd dance move, a man singing with celebrities in a car, or by recreating a bizarre fad about keeping still like mannequins?

First of all, the rapid advancement of technology has meant that we are now able to share and access such contents easily. Secondly, I completely understand the fact that many of us have insufficient time for leisure and fun. Since we always have our smartphones at arm’s length nowadays, they have become the only wellspring for a laugh and a smile. But wouldn’t it hurt to use up that brief moment of respite from our daily routine for something a lot more beneficial that at the same time could be enjoyable as well? Pick up a new hobby, for instance. Or learn a new language. Lend a hand to a charitable cause, travel the world, lavish your remaining attention on your family, or try your hand at writing.

“Wouldn’t it hurt to use up that brief moment of respite from our daily routine for something a lot more beneficial that at the same time could be enjoyable as well?”

As for those who are keen providers of such viral material, perhaps you lot should rethink about the subjects that you want to dish out. It only takes a matter of seconds for your message to be dispensed to the world. Imagine if it could change people’s lives for the better.


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