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Things I Miss About Living in Bali But is Probably Not the Same During the Pandemic: Coffee Shops Edition (Part 4)

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After a few weeks absent, my weekly nostalgic coffee run is back. This time, we’re gonna climb up the hill – to Bukit that is. Yep, it’s Jimbaran and Uluwatu we go!

Unlike my first period living in the island where I spent many of my time around Jimbaran (with my campus being in the neighborhood), the area was not that interesting enough to visit regularly. Hence, this list would only consist of four coffee shops instead of five. Let’s go.

Heading straight up top to Pecatu, it’s the surf store and workshop Drifter, who also happen to have a pretty decent coffee place in the back. The first time I stopped here, I was not surfing, nor was I looking for something to drink. The pretty place just hooked me. They’re still doing well, including serving various diets along with their great coffee.

Okay this is definitely nowhere close to the Bukit area – but since I only have a very short list this time, as well as only one for N2, then it’s a combined listicle. The not so Secret Cafe is really many people’s favorite when it comes to a humble and cozy cup of coffee while you’re down south. Its located just a stroll from Nusa Dua’s luxury resort complex, making their presence both heartwarming and enticing. Not much to learn about their current status, which is why it’s so appropriate with their namesake.

If you notice, I never put big brands into my list of coffee shops. Let alone part of a five star resort. But Movenpick Cafe merit their place simply for a few good ideas. First, they’re not within the resort itself. And with Samasta’s unique multi-leveled town square architecture, MC had the best spot for both establishments. Secondly, they probably make the best dessert and coffee here. I mean, there are other brands in the complex, but many kept coming back to this lovely corner. I wonder why.

Last but not least, is one of my favorite place in the South. Rena’s provide more than excellent breakfast, lovely pastry and delicious coffee. They provide a curated interior design that takes us back to our home – even if it’s not decorated as such. Like taken straight out of the pages of Kinfolk or a frame in a Wes Anderson movie, you can spend hours at Rena’s like it’s your own living room.


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