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Things I Miss About Living in Bali But is Probably Not the Same During the Pandemic: Coffee Shops Edition (Part 3)

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Time for another coffee run! And what better way than to step into everybody’s playground: Seminyak.

If my first period of living in Bali was mostly about affordable (if not cheap) ways of life, the second was quite the opposite. Being introduced to the glamorous world of five star hospitality, I soon became familiar with the nooks and crannies of Seminyak. Here are their five best coffee places during my time.

I’m sorry for starting right away with the obvious, that is Sisterfields. The neighborhood (and the island’s) most sought after breakfast spot is not only popular for great food and pretty decor. They upheld that ‘popular breakfast’ part really seriously, and served some first class coffee. Being an already strong brand from the get go, the group had their own dark days during the pandemic. But with tourists ready to return, it seem that they are too.

A little old school and another obvious choice, Pison really never disappoint. Their ambiance is great (hence the popularity), their food are excellent, and believe it or not, people actually come here for live music performance, too! Yet the best part about their coffee is their attention to details – such as putting iced milks in their ice latte. Brilliant. Not sure about the live music, but the coffee are still brewing in these homey corners.

Just a slide down the street from our first spot (and a little skootch inside a small entrance) comes this eye catching of an architectural quirk that is Titik Temu. It’s so obvious that both their delicious coffee, their unique namesake and this smart tropical construction makes the perfect trifecta for both a visit and a sip. It’s no wonder that they’re a national level brand now – which makes them a strong survivor of the pandemic.

Before the days of the colorful Instagram-magnet facade, even before the separation of their dine in area into smoking and non smoking, Sea Circus already serves the best of two worlds: killer cocktails and gelatos with sick playlists at night and rejuvenating breakfast in the AM. They seem to be closing for a while, but their last post indicate they are ready for a return.

The maverick. The gunslinger. The alleyway outlaw. During my years Revolver evolved from a quirky vintage little box in a small alley into a seemingly secret clubhouse for fans of wonderful food, vibrant crew and decor, and of course, exceptional cuppas. Every corner is different and unique, making an experience here is never enough. WIth their loyal followers, I’m sure they’re still doing okay.


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