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Things I Miss About Living in Bali But is Probably Not the Same During the Pandemic: Coffee Shops Edition (Part 2)

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Another week, another memory lane, another coffee journey. Jesus, that was some basic opening. Well, you get what I mean. This time, it’s my hood: Denpasar. Let’s go!

Like I said in few previous articles, my heart is embedded so deep in Denpasar, I’d call it my first hometown – even more than Jakarta. And with so many lonely depressing days and nights spent here – while still had to finish work -, I’ve become very familiar with the coffee shops. Here are my top five, and update on their current situation.

Alleyway is probably one of the most obvious spot. It’s strategic, it has great WiFi connection, the coffee are great, amazing selection of food, and the outdoor area is one made for long hours – whether you came alone or with friends. Trivia: I had my farewell with my Denpasar gang here. I think with its popularity and prime location, the cafe is still going strong to this day. Good for them.

Among the smaller third wave coffee joints in Denpasar, Pixelatte did the opposite and went big from the get go. Can’t blame them, their property was prime as it could be: the heart of Denpasar, and just across the corner of the Denpasar Catholic Cathedral. And their modern industrial architecture was a sure shot for Instagram – hence the pre wed pic here. Unfortunately, they’ve closed a few years ago, and on the same plot now there’s a cafe named Loh.

Small but architecturally irresistable, Lima Mike was definitely a head turner. The assymetrical design, the sloping roof, the grey walls with large windows and wooden accents – everything was made for us to feel intrigued and made a stop. Indeed we were. The coffee is probably one of the best, too. From their socmed posts, I think they’ve added some more modern touches, although the overall design is still there.

Another one that’s pleasing in the eye upon first sight. 9/11 picked the right area in Marlboro for their property, and with that they made something quirky, comfortable, and sexy. Coffee shop on the first floor, concept store on the second, they made the black steel and rustic wood trend work so well. It was big but not intimidating. Spacious but not boring. The cafe will always be popular – not so sure about the shop upstairs. Gonna ned to check on them one day.

Last but not least, the smallest and definitely the one I’d love to call my saviour. Khayal was a five minute walk from my flat, and during my darkest days I would come here, order a kopi susu and just sit there for hours watching the traffic. Can’t really explain why, but it did help me a lot though those times. Imagine my joy seeing their Jakarta branch which was only a short ride near my first office then. They’ve tweaked their design a little, and changed their logo into something more playful. Glad they’re doing okay. 


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