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The Wanderlust Twain; Exclusive Interview With Anett and Lorand of @tropicexplorers

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Driven by freedom and their passion for travelling, Anett and Lorand quit their job six years ago to become a freelancer and established a digital media agency. It didn’t take long for them to transition their way into a couple of prominent content creators and full-fledged social media influencers through @tropicexplorers moniker. With Hellobali, the wonderful couple explains in depths all about their career choice; and even share some interesting practical tips. Read below and prepare to get inspired.

1. What drives you to start a career as influencer in digital industry?

Actually we think that for us it was not really a start, more like a transition. We both quit our jobs in 2015 and started to work as freelancers from home. Anett was doing social media management and interior photography and also real estate valuation. Lorand was creating motion design animations and directing commercials and music videos in Hungary.

That’s when we have established our digital media agency Motion Flow Media. Our dream was always to explore the world, so in 2018, we decided to pack all our stuff in a storage room and try to work online while we are traveling. The plan was simple: spend at least 2-3 months in each country, so we have time to explore all the places we would like to visit, but also to get to know the culture/vibe of each region better.

As we both love photography, we wanted to capture these moments in a memorable way, so we started to post our photos on Instagram and slowly our account started to grow and we have got a lot of positive feedback from our friends and followers. But to answer your question, we think that it’s the freedom and self-impression that drove us – to be able to work remotely form wherever and whenever we want. Once you taste the feeling of freedom, you can’t go back to your ‘’normal’’ 9 to 5 job.

2. How did you grow your channel? Any tips on building personal brands to get to your point right now?

Consistency, endurance and honesty. Actually we think that these are the main factors that make an account valuable – and this is the best way to grow over time. The algorithm of every social media platform is changing all the time, so actually you can’t really beat the system, but if you follow these basic principles, your account will be future proof.

  • Be consistent – create high quality content and post frequently – if your followers know that they can check your account every day, because you provide fresh content, they will keep coming back for more.
  • Endurance – we see a lot of times that people start out with a brand new account, creating amazing content, but after a few months they stop posting, because they don’t feel rewarded or just got tired. The bad news is, that most of the time social media on itself is not rewarding at all, you need to love what you are doing, or you won’t be able to keep up if you are not enjoying the process.
  • Honesty – be honest with your followers and they will appreciate and reward it. Find your own voice and avoid copying others – sure, there are a lot of things you can learn from other big accounts, but focus on learning and not copying – try to learn best practices, but mix it with your special sauce, that’s what will make your account outstanding and valuable.

Don’t forget that people follow you because they want to hear your personal opinion/story, so make them happy and be yourself. And one of the most important thing: be patient, and don’t forget that hard work pays off! You can find a free e-book on our website, where we have collected a lot of other useful tips for growing your Instagram account, it’s worth to check it out if you want to know more about this.

3. What is the most exciting moment you’ve experienced since becoming a digital content creator?

Would be hard to choose only one thing – our whole life is definitely more exciting since we started traveling and creating content. We’ve collected countless incredible memories so far – sometimes when we are looking back all the contents we created during our travels, it’s unbelievable that how many breathtaking places we’ve been so far.

As a content creator you want to have quality content, and for this, light is super important. Thank to this, we had so many sunrise adventures that normally as a tourist would have never done. We’ve never been morning persons so at the beginning it was a challenge for us to wake up super early. But now we are super grateful for all these ‘sunrise missions’ 🙂

One of our most incredible experiences happened in the Philippines. It was a dream for us for years to swim with the beautiful whale sharks. The place where we could do this was quite far from the hotel where we were staying so we woke up super early and drove 3 hours in complete darkness to get there for sunrise. Of course it wasn’t easy, we were super tired but at the moment we got into the water and saw these huge, incredible animals we forgot about everything and just enjoyed the moment.

Another exciting side of being a content creator (beside visiting countless gorgeous places) is seeing your content being used on different platforms. It’s such a wonderful feeling when the clients love your content and use them on their brochures, billboards, website, etc. That’s the best reward when you have a satisfied client.

4. What strategic advice that you can share for up and coming digital influencers?

This could be a really long topic, I think we need to create a course about this, because we get asked about this so many times. As mentioned before, you need to be really passionate about what you’re doing – we know that everyone says this, but it’s because it’s so important.

Try to find a niche that you really love, so it’s much easier to create the best content you can. For example we love traveling, and photography was always our passion, so it was really straightforward that we should start an Instagram account and share our couple photos while doing what we love. The strategy depends on the segment that you are creating the content in. But we try to give some advices that can be used in general.

If you want to be a digital influencer, you need to have digital income – there are endless opportunities to make this happen, and actually it’s quite simple in terms of what you need to do, but it’s not easy to make it profitable. You can create an e-commerce business, write a blog, sell print on demand graphics, join affiliate programs, teach online, sell graphic/animation templates, etc. So basically sell your skills online. A digital income can set you free, as you won’t be bound to a certain location and you can create wherever you want

5. What’s your prediction about the future of influencer marketing? Any notable shift that you discovered so far?

Influencer marketing is still booming and probably it will for a long while – admittedly it’s changing as well, but that’s absolutely normal. New social media platforms arise all the time and you just need to keep up with them and follow the trends.

Noticed that for example on Instagram, videos now work so much better than just a beautiful photo. And it means that in order to following new trends and keep growing, you need to adapt to all these changes.

If you accept the above mentioned and you are willing to keep changing with the trends, you will be fine 🙂

6. What is the most important aspect for you in pursuing a brand partnership?

When a brand contacts us, the first thing we do is to check out the background of the brand (in case we didn’t know them before). For us it’s super important to promote only those products/services that we truly love and would use, as our followers rely on our honest opinion. We said no to brands countless times when we had a feeling that the values of the brand doesn’t resonate with us.

So what we can suggest is don’t say yes to all brand collaborations, especially at the beginning when you are happy that finally someone wants to work with you. We know it’s not easy to say no, but this is also something you need to learn along the way.

IG: @tropicexplorers


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