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The Story of a Boy

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Rustic exposed bricks, pitch black wire cage combined with pitch black steel beams, and those lovely vintage wood and leather furniture. Boy ‘N’ Cow certainly stands out for so many reasons. But behind this massive façade, lays what probably is the best steakhouse in Seminyak. 

Appearance wise, Boy ‘N’ Cow raises many questions. Chipped plasters off the wall that shows those equally aged bricks, the wide windows – is it an industrial warehouse? Is it a Swedish post-modern styled house? Is it a deconstructed interpretation of a barn? The quirkiness in design continued at the door, where it appeared before us as a gigantic slab of rusty steel with a handle. We slid it open and we were greeted almost immediately by the wonderful aroma of quality meats being cooked on the grill. Stepping in, we realised that this place is more of our last speculation – but industrial nonetheless. Inside, wood and steel makes an edgy yet contrast combination for that design style. Add to that the mural of Marilyn Monroe as the statue of Liberty while holding a smoking shotgun seems to represents the epitome of the place – New York vintage at its best. There was another mural of a mysterious man hiding his face under the brim of his fedora, sharpening a kitchen knife, let’s just assume it was Bogie. 

But not to forget, the very first thing we saw once we walked in was the the cured meat fridge right in front of us, with slabs of various cuts set up neatly – only for us to admire from behind the glass. Those ranged from strip loin, ribeye, tenderloin, porterhouse and bone-in ribeye. While at the very end of the list there’s a special place for their wagyu. A custom curing fridge that showed how serious these guys are about their meats – as it showed later on their menu. Yes, it extensively offers assorted selections other than steaks like chicken, tuna, lamb and pork, as well as the smorgasbord of sides, starters and sharing plates – ranging from cheese, vegetables, to more crazy variations of beef. But the steaks are the only reason for you to come here. 

So, we’ve arrived at the best part. We asked Danny Chaney, co-founder, culinary director and the master of these glorious meats to picked as his recommendation. We ended up being served the 280 grams wagyu, one bone marrow, creamy spinach and truffle steak fries. Yes. That’s like a whole family’s supper – served for only the two of us. And let me break it down one by one for you. The sides: I couldn’t stop eating those creamy cheesy spinach, while truffle and fries with lovely aioli is just the perfect match. But you want to know what’s even better than a perfect match? A match made in heaven – and that’s when I cut my wagyu and spread those bone marrow on the top, before eating them in one bite. I seriously needed a moment to process and interpret the majestic flavour that hit my palate. The tenderness and juiciness of that flawless wagyu merged with the robust and almost barbaric pungent taste from the marrow. It’s almost religious really. It was so ridiculously good, that we savour every bite until there were no more meat to cut and no more marrow to swab. And in case you missed it, I did say my steak was served on an oddly large portion, which was 280 grams. This is intentional, and not only for size-wise. 

They serve the extra grams so they will have that foolproof succulence on the middle, while the wild crackling of their secret dry rub on the outside. In the end, we had to agree with Danny who said one of the reasons for him to open Boy ‘N’ Cow was to bring serious and good steaks to the island’s food scene – something that we believe he enormously succeeds. And we’re also not joking when we tell Danny that we would kill for another bite of the wagyu and marrow spread. 

Boy ‘N’ Cow Meat Boutique
Jalan Raya Kerobokan No.138,
T: +62 361 934 8468



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