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The Passionate Travel Couple

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What started as something to keep their families and friends updated during their globetrotting travel, Marco and Erika of @mochilamonkeys has become a digital influencer with almost 100k followers and continue to inspire people through their gorgeous photo and story. We spoke to the power couple about their fleeting content creator career. 

It only take one glimpse to @mochilamonkeys instagram account to know that they are passionate in what they do. But little did people know that the dynamic couple, who now decide to resides in Bali, learn everything from scratch to create their gorgeous content.

“In the beginning we started with Instagram to keep our friends and families updated when we embarked to travel long term 3 years ago. During that time we improved our photography and editing skills which got the attention of more and more people” said Marco.

When they saw how fast the audience growing, they decided to put more hours into Instagram and to see it more as an opportunity.

Marco also stated that in being a content creator, doesn’t mean that it is always necessary to have the newest and best camera gear. Essentially, you have to know about photography composition, photo editing and how to plan the feed.

“But most importantly, it’s about showing your personality. You will get the viewers attention with your content but they will stay with you when they get to know you. Therefore it’s important tho show the face regularly and let the followers know what you are up to. They want to be part of your life” he added.

All the profit and income asides, nothing excites Marco and Erika more than getting approached by their followers and gets to know them directly. One perk of their job is they get to made many precious friendship along the way.

Then what about the business side? What is the strategic advice for their approach? “You have to think about what niche you want to base yourself in. Don’t mix too many and too different niches” said Marco. “And second: Don’t lay all your eggs into one basket. Every platform has a life cycle and you don’t want to see yourself standing in front of nothing when one of the platform you are active in goes down”

Lastly, Marco and Erika shares their best wishes for the future of digital influencer. “We believe and hope that influencers will more and more see their real value and will stop let them self get exploited by companies and brands” they concluded.


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