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The North Calls: Balinese Spice Journey at Tabia Restaurant

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Celebarting Indonesia’s Independence Day next week, our good friends at The Westin Resort & Spa Ubud, Bali held a wonderful dinner at their signature authentic Indonesian restaurant, Tabia.

Tabia recruited the services and expertise of Chef Mangku Gede Yudiawan from Dapur Bali Mula, of the renowned Les Village market in Buleleng. With the master of the north coastal cuisine heading the kitchen for that night only, the event will showcase the indigenous flavors of North Bali.

The event’s main star is no stranger to the north coast cuisine. In fact, he’s born and bred in it. An experienced craftsman of the kitchen, Chef Yudiawan left the modern culinary world to return home in Buleleng five years ago, and dedicated his life to revitalize the traditional cooking methods, spices and ingredients of his native region. 

For  the  event,  he  brought freshly-caught seafood as well as locally grown and produced ingredients from Les Village. Armed with traditional herbs and spices such as tabia bun, sea salt and juruhor palm sugar; Yudiawan entertained and served the  guests  with  not  just  nourishing  seafood  but  precious  tales  of  Balinese  kitchen, traditional recipes and secrets of the spices. And it certainly reflected through his menu: Lawar Gurita, Lawar Don Tabia Bun, Sate Lilit, Serapah Gurita, Cumi Suna Cekuh,  Pepes Ikan, Tuna  Plalah, and of course, the everlasting Sambal  Matah. All that vibrant flavors to coddle your palate, and he still ended it with a sweet note: the refreshing Daluman with Santan.

Such a lovely dinner for a lovely celebration. And it sure made us intrigued more than ever to visit Chef Yudiawan at his homebase to try his creations one day.


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