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The Importance of Conscious Consumption

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Increased time for reflection has given people the opportunity to learn more about the plights of others.
Words by Sarah Nathan; reworked for the web by Rizki Pradana

As activism becomes mainstream amongst millennials and Gen Z, brands have the need to respond beyond brand purpose to meaningfully connect with customers. In other words, their products, as well as their campaigns, have to represent the good fight. We’ll get to this soon.

But the connection that I meant translates to, with the rise of conscious consumption provides somewhat of a dilemma for luxury brands that have traditionally encouraged ‘conspicuous consumption’ to signal success. Meanwhile, conscious consumption really changed the game. Retails are now claiming to be against anti-fast fashion or single-use packaging. F&B campaigns for healthier or more responsible menu options, as well as degradable utensils. And so on.

In the short term, brands should consider moving to ‘discrete consumption’. What this means, is that by shifting their main purpose, public image and goals in numbers, they will gain a more loyal follower that consider them as a responsible brand. Who knows that from there, perhaps there is still an audience out there that still values exclusivity and there is in fact increasing demand for more private secluded venues.

Be transparent and authentic across all channels to build trust. I believe that CEOs and employees are increasingly seen as a personification of brand principles and therefore become a ‘channel’ themselves. Similarly, brand ambassadors and influencers need to truly live by the brand’s purpose to authentically connect with customers.

In the longer term, for sure younger generations come to represent a larger percentage of a brand’s audience, consider what actions they might take to make an authentic connection with their conscious mindset. Thus, it is important to go beyond having a brand purpose written on a company’s website that they must deliver on it. I honestly think any brand should not please everyone, it’s better to be genuine on fewer actions rather than aiming to tick off every purposeful box.


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