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The Epitome of Exquisiteness

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Talking about exquisiteness, you mind probably searches for swanky features that might involve glamor things such a chandelier hanging above a dinner table. Different case is when discussing about Samsara Ubud where the exquisiteness emerges from its tranquility and aesthetic design.

Placing Ubud as a peaceful and private spot is not something to argue about even though often times the entertainment center of Ubud can be a heavy sash. Traffic towards your congenial sites sometimes is unpredictable and potential to drag you down into a nerve-racking situation. Staying at one of the accommodations around this area, then, is no longer suggested to those who ponder of less obstructive noise and crowd. Samsara Ubud, on the other hand, appears at the edge of displeasure to entice.

Situated 20 minutes from the center of Ubud, a path to enter this property implies a wondering as it is tucked amidst the unimpeded nature. Thus, at the gate, we did not instantly have a hint about how each villa would stun our eyes. But we were not in hurry to judge so we gave ourselves a minute to believe that everything would be as expected. And it’s true. Getting down by a buggy painstaking panoply of multi-level architecture spanned hand-in-hand with a view of the lush tropical jungle. Not stopping there, arriving at the pool villa the level of amazement completely hiked up.


Welcomed by its small yet decorous garden, our vision straightaway was directed to our own personal infinity pool overlooking the lines of greens where not so far below we could see the main pool. More exciting was when we knew the private and main pool were heated which means whenever we cared to float we would not shiver in the breezy air of the forest. Likewise inside, it did not leave us with disappointment since an appointed room put us into our utmost comfort. A huge bathroom with two rain showers (indoor and outdoor) and one edgy bathtub auspiciously threw us a good time of relaxation.

Perfect for unwinding, no rushing itinerary seems to be checked once you set foot here. What you need to do is just soaking in each calming pool, feasting the magnificent menu of the restaurant and getting back to your bed, lazing around. At the end, you will have already rejuvenated your soul.

Samsara Ubud
Banjar Ayah, Desa Kelusa,
Payangan, Ubud
T: +62 361 209 1769


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