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Take Me Back To The Garden: Why Shotgun Social Is Bali’s Latest Beer & Dine Haven You Should Visit

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Tucked conveniently near Sanur’s quiet (and famous) coastline, Shotgun Social is the latest destination to gather with your family and loved ones. Here we listed 4 reasons why you should visit this wonderful ‘beer and dine’ venue for your blissful weekend getaway.

1. Garden of Beer(s)

As a dining venue built around ‘beer garden’ concept, Shotgun Social certainly did not disappoint. Stating that they serve ‘wide range of beer’ will be an understatement, as they truly have an extensive list of local and international artisan brands you would rarely find on your favorite Western restaurants all across the island. There are a total of 16 craft beer brands from USA, New Zealand and Australia that you can try in Shotgun Social; Tuatara, Little Creatures, Anderson Valley, Konig Ludwig Weissbier to name a few. If you really curious, you can order their ‘taster’ set which consist up to five different brands of your choice, served on small glasses with cool thick wooden tray. Classy!


2. Satisfying Treat of Taste and Size

If you think that you would only find a plate of assorted peanuts (or plain small bites) to accompany your beer in Shotgun Social, you’re definitely wrong. As a part of ‘Soul on the’ group, the dining venue ready to cater your hunger with arrays of wonderful Western-inspired menus. Screen across the cool newspaper-shaped menus and you may find arrays of classic Western favorite dishes for your perfect beer and dine moment; ranging from delectable creamy pasta (black squid ink coated Smiff and Wesson Carbonara is a must-try!) to scrumptious juicy burger (The O.G!). We truly recommend you to try their 150 cm-diameter Big Caliber pizza selections to share with your closest ones. Not only generous in size, but the flavor is definitely to-die for as well. Crispy tin-crust pizza bread topped with soft melty mozzarella and other fascinating ingredients; including grilled garlic and truffle. Surely you’ll come back for more!


3. Let the Child Roams Free

Rather than confining themselves in a single, closed space, Shotgun Social comprise mainly of open-air area, ready to incorporate your day out with the whole family. 250 seats aside, more than half of the venue’s 1400 square meter area is dedicated as a ‘communal garden’ space with soft synthetic grass, thoughtfully designed so the little ones can have an ultimate fun time as well. There is complete playground on the garden’s corner, built incorporating the nearby large tree, where the children (and adult as well!) can have fun together playing, seesaw, swing set, slides, rope ladder, and much more.


4. Minutes Walk From Sanur’s Finest Vista

Shotgun Social’s idyllic location offers an extended advantage for those who seek for a day of memorable weekend bliss. Situated at the quiet side of Jl. Sindhu Beach, it is just a few minutes walk away from one of Sanur’s finest shoreline. Enjoy your dine, beer, chillout and play, and shortly after you can walk together with your beloved ones to cherish the enchanting beach panorama that has defines Bali as one of the world’s finest tropical destination. It’s definitely a place to be on your next visit to the island.


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