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Dog Day Afternoon: Best Places for Your Pawrtner

Compared to where I live now, Bali certainly has more dogs. And by that, the culture of how Balinese and the island’s residents treat our furry friends are different as
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Dance Dance Revolution: Get Into Class and Move It

On another episode of the interesting things we could do to fill the time during a period where we can’t do large group activities. I’ve discussed about the safer sports
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Things I Miss About Living in Bali But is Probably Not the Same During the Pandemic: Hidden Gems of Denpasar

During my second period living on the island, I was introduced to two new worlds: the luxury hospitality of the south, and the artful indie scene of the province capital.
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One Soul One Bowl: How Sajiwa’s Unique Bandung Street Food Challenged the Pandemic – and Prevailed

Like I’ve said before, nothing hits deeper than memories. Especially when it comes to food from your childhood. Citra Latief, Andre Prawiradisastra and Tino Indrawanto are childhood friends from Bandung
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Run Along

On Making The Move Almost the end of the year, have you done at least one of your new year’s resolutions? If getting fit is one of them, then running
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