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Stunning Photographic Portrait Series by Woman:United

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Women’s empowerment is a part to encourage women to feel strong by telling them that they can do everything that they want to do. Women can work outside their home, have opportunity to make up their mind. Woman:United charity foundation launches, empowering women and girls around the world, and we are in love! Let’s get to know them deeper, shall we?

What is Woman:United about?

This is a unique and captivating charity foundation launched its first campaign this month in Bali, Indonesia making waves in the community. The moving initiative is led by an emotionally visceral series of photographic portraits and powerful storytelling by rising international photographer Stephanie Goldfinger. The foundation is dedicated to empowering women and girls that are underserved and undervalued around the world, especially during such challenging times.

Where did the idea come from?

Goldfinger says ‘The concept for the campaign was born when I began to notice the changing mental and physical state of the hard working Balinese women around me. The light in their eyes began to disappear, and they were growing tired as the lack of tourism trade in Bali began to haemorrhage family income and weigh down their local community. Most of these women’s husbands were losing their jobs and as schools began to close their children were forced to stay home. I kept thinking: “What can I do to help?”

From a sixty year old rice farmer carrying out daily back-breaking work to support her multigenerational family to a young twenty-five year old woman working over 8 hours a day in a laundrette to pay off her university degree that is only valid once a zero balance is reached, the women featured in the campaign show the great strength of the island’s women. Life in Bali is tough, yet these incredible women continue to power through.

‘I knew that holding space for them to share their story, acknowledging and celebrating their inner beauty and resilience, and helping them to embrace their unique feminine power alongside additional financial support – could give them some much-needed hope during a time where there was not a lot of hope to go around. This was what led to me creating the Woman:United charity foundation.’

The aim for Woman:United:

The portrait series by Goldfinger is being shared globally with the aim to hold high a mirror to illuminate the resilience, power, and true beauty of the Woman within: for her, for her daughters, for her community, and for the world – United. Woman:United is currently raising money for Chapter One: Bali through selling fine art prints and direct contributions, which go directly to helping the women from the campaign and to fund the building of a safe house for neglected and abused women and children, which will be run by their partner charity: Bali Mother and Baby House.

The foundation has planned high profile exposure across Indonesia via film screenings, exhibitions, and billboards alongside support from influential partners including renowned Indonesian actress and philanthropist Happy Salma and creative pioneers Desa Potato Head Quotes

“My heart is warm to see these faces. Those who work hard for their families. Away from makeup. The realities of life – a real hard life -are everyday friends to them.

However, look at these photos…they exude the deepest beauty & strength of Indonesian women who work hard, all from different backgrounds. Their expressions are a representation of every emotion they feel: tired, passionate, loving, and loyal – all during this tough life.

“Woman: United raises funds to help support Indonesian women and children and their hard work is a very big inspiration for all women in the world. This campaign is just to show you how special and strong they are, and to illuminate the beauty they don’t even notice themselves” Quoting Happy Salma, Indonesian Actress & Philanthropist that is supporting the movement.

You can buy the potraits and for more detailed information about the campaign you can visit: Woman United


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