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Sex and the Island (in Pandemic)

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Sex is quite the sensitive topic to talk about. As well as exciting. But what to talk about when you live in the island that has everything for your happiness?

Just to be clear, Sarah brought up this topic. Not that I don’t want to do it, but I really didn’t think we could talk about sex – both from appropriateness and our common theme point of view. Also because the last time I did a sex issue back in 2017, it was one of my worst efforts. But, please, let’s not go there.

Anyway, back to the question above. I don’t think we should discuss the issue from the most often talked about: the “how”. Lists such as first dates, romantic spots, couples activities, bar pickups or even dating apps. Those are outdated, don’t you think? We need to talk about sex from a different point of view. Then I came up with one. It’s yet another how, but on the opposite spectrum: how do you handle sex during a pandemic?

It’s no secret that the pandemic drove us into the edge of many things – most of them are probably darker than the rest. Depression, frustration, loneliness, burnout, dry spell, cabin fever. Somehow I can see that sex can be one of the things affected as well. Let me try to break it down.

Being confined in the same space with your SO for a very long time can’t be rosy all the time. There will be friction, annoyance, and obviously fights. The constant presence will eventually get to you, and you long for a me time. The awkwardness will cause you both to naturally build a distance or even a barrier – something that could result in some permanent damage if not resolved.

At the other end, there’s the single ones. And this category can be split into two: the consistently safe and the…um… consistently horny – pardon my language. The former will probably feel the effect of the lockdown in double dose. You’re lonely but you have no one. You want to get some but you’re too afraid to meet anyone. Which is totally fine in terms of pandemic safety measures. But I can totally feel the frustration.

While the latter is probably already taking different measures at the beginning of their quarantine – things that we can only imagine. The first few months is driving them up the wall, and they definitely have used up their bandwidth to stream some certain genre of the cinema. Once the lockdown were loosened, they’re likely become uncaged animals. I just hope it’s still within the responsible and safe precautions.

Is there any other category? I can only imagine another one, which are the ones who left for Bali to avoid their baggages back home. Sex could be one of them. By removing themsleves from whatever stories and problems and traumas, they are on a mission to cleanse. A distraction. A new journey. A way to love themselves. A way to challenge themselves and to be fearless. And yes, it can definitely apply to sex as well.

In the end, sex is a very wonderful thing. It’s probably the most beautiful thing ever. Like every great things in life, it too could have a negative effect. Ultimately, taking a break is fine – as long as you need. This temporary recess doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a lovely thing. I hope you can comeback feelinng better, and experience that mindblowing (metaphorically speaking) orgasm again. Stay safe everyone.


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