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Samsara Ubud Invites Guest To An Intimate Romantic Gastronomic Journey

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Samsara Ubud invites all the lovebirds to celebrate their intimate relationship with a shared blissful moment through Romantic Gastronomic Journey dinner programme.

More than just a beautiful and flavorsome evening, Samsara Ubud’s dinner programme is created as enticing event that will be remembered for many years to come, in hopes that guests will ponder the meaning of true love and their attitude towards commitment, love and challenges.

Set on a beautiful gazebo with antique handcrafted-wooden pillars and serene jungle views is the perfect nook for the dinner. Guests are free to choose from two different set menus available, Indonesian and European style, especially prepared by Executive Chef Iwan Sutrisno and his dedicated culinary team.

The journey of love through Indonesian-style Intimate Set Dinner starts with a beautiful looking GadoGado, a popular Indonesian mixed salad. Just like the beginning of most romantic stories, one has mixed feelings – anxious if the feelings are reciprocated and ecstatic when they are. Now that you’re in a relationship, life is suddenly bursting with flavours, and these beautiful beginnings are reflected with two dishes – Sup Buntut and Gulai Kambing. Samsara came up with its own twist to sup buntut by creating a beautiful fusion of Indonesian and Italian cooking style – expect tortellini filled with tender and juicy oxtail meat. A simple Lalapan is a comforting and common accompaniment in Indonesian dishes – just like couples feel when relationships reach a comfortable and stable stage. The experience reaches a crescendo at dessert, where lovers are served Es Cendol on a kintsugi-inspired plate. A reminder that there will be issues in relationships, but when you work on them, there will be sweet endings.

If the Indonesian menu take you to reminisce the sincerity at the start of your romantic relationship. the European style Intimate Set Dinner immediately gets you into the romantic mood with the aphrodisiac Beet Tartar, served with crème fraîche, flowery flavour of kecicang (ginger flower) and toasted walnuts. The next dish on the menu, Salmon Crudo, is an amazing combination of slices of Tasmanian salmon with rujak mangga (mango salad), champagne jelly and caviar. The pièce de résistance is Tenderloin Beef, where beef tenderloin, savoury rawon froth, delicate daikon and garlic beignet make up this excellent dish. A sweet ending to the culinary adventure features a delectable Brûléed Cheese Cake, a creamy pot of cheesy custardy goodness underneath a thin layer of sugar crystal surface.

‘To fall in love is easy, to stay in love is a different matter.’ Samsara Ubud tries to encapsulate this beautiful words into a fine romantic dining experience; one that will remind couples that true love stays strong against the test of time, that no relationship is perfect and the beauty is in making it works. For info or reservation about this amazingly intimate programme, send your email to [email protected], or call +62 361 2091769.


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