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Relax and Recharge at 9 Bali’s Best Wellness Spa

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Our body are in constant need for great nurturing. Not just from the nutritiun that you eat, but also, our spirit needs cleansing from time to time. All the stress, toxin and body tention must be treated so we can live our best life free from anxiety and depression. Your needs for healing will be fully served at our favorite nince wellness places below.

Five Elements for Healing

One of their healing rituals is a unique private water healing session may be what you need, to release stress and embrace peacefulness. A hydrotherapy session where therapist glides you gracefully through the water and applies artful stretches and luxurious massage assisted by the water. It is believed as you allow yourself to relax and surrender to the support of the water and free movement, the body unwinds and releases holding patterns, inviting healing on the mental and emotional planes. Other healing therapy like colonic cleansing, healing massage and energy healing also available. Check them out 

Sacred River Spa Sayan at Four Seasons

If you enjoy self-healing sessions, Sacred River Spa has many options for you. Life Talks include topics like the Secret to Happiness, Love and Compassion, Finding Inner Peace and Managing Stress. Here, guests can explore everyday issues and how to overcome them with peace and presence of mind. Each 60-minute class can either be enjoyed as a group. Book your session here 

The Ultimate Escape at Soori Bali

When happiness is just one massage away, you can find all kinds of massage that will suit your needs. One of the unique ones would be the abdominal massage that works on both the physical and emotional level, perfect for healing. It promotes circulation for the internal organs’ health while balancing the nervous system to release stress. Plus, a combination with breathwork will result in deep relaxing. For more information click 


Jiwa Spa at Conrad Bali the ‘Soul’ You Need

We just love Conrad Spa, mainly because they have a specially designed treatment for men. From personalized sports massage, active and recharge massage, full body and warm bamboo can be the ultimate treatment to get back to your daily activity, recharged and well. Other than the men treatment, Conrad’s Spa also has Children treatment, Yoga and meditation, even fitness classes. Choose whatever floats your boat here 

The VIP Karma

With many properties of Karma to choose from, one of their services we love would be the Balinese Blessing Ceremony. You will celebrate love, anniversary, self-love and gratitude with this ritual inspired by traditional Balinese culture. It begins with a 90-minute Sacred Balinese Massage to soothe and nurture, and you will be escorted to the secret temple at Karma Kandara and receive a priest blessing with flowers and holy water. This is a meaningful ritual to help release, let go and embrace gratitude with a deeper connection with self and others. You can check all of their wellness programs here 

Recovery and Healing at The Yoga Barn

Unplugged and detox are an essential thing to balance our lives. We pick you the best place to do so, The Yoga Barn. From fruit fasting, Raw Food COurse, 7-Day Detox Retreat, 7-Day Dharma Healing Retreat, even a personalized Yoga Retreat that will be tailored according to your needs are available. Who doesn’t want to wake up in the morning, feeling energized and excited, and of course, healthy at the same time? Check their retreat here 

Heavenly Spa at The Westin Resort Nusa Dua Bali

We picked Heavenly Spa because of two things: Their amazing facial treatment, and second, their amazing ritual treatments. Both complement each other to bring you not just the best skin, but also all around feeling of being purified and enlightened. With the best skin solution treatments and traditional rituals to choose from, you can restore your body and soul. Book your session here 

Como Shambala Wellness – Retreat for Change

Como Shambala Estate’s ‘retreat-for-change’ combines a deep-rooted approach to wellness with state-of-the-art facilities and remarkable villa accommodation.  Specialists in YYoga, Pilates and Qigong work in harmony with the nature-filled surroundings, delivering effective holistic treatment, designed to restore and revitalise both mind and body. The best part of it all is that they offer a nurturing environment in which to progress. For booking and reservations, you can go to their website 

Signature Retreats at Revivo Resorts Wellness

We love Revivo not just for their signature retreat, but also their seasonal retreats & events. Surrounded by lush tropical teak forest, work your way through a rejuvenating menu of yoga and fitness classes, body spa treatments and restoring emotional therapies, as you check-in and enjoy one of Bali’s latest luxury wellness retreats. While each retreat program can be tailor-made to suit individual wellness needs in terms of nutrition, holistic treatments, and workouts, there is a regular schedule of three-day immersive programs to choose from depending on personal goals. A unique Mother-to-Be retreat, Destress & Relax, Anti-Aging & Longevity Retreat, Sleep Well Retreat, Detox & Emotional Balancing Retreat are only some of their wellness options for you. More information, check Revivo’s website 


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