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Re.Juve Ultra – Premium Cold – Press Juice Unveils Its First Two Stores in the Island of Gods

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The pioneer of ultra-premium cold-pressed juice in Indonesia, Re.Juve, just recently announced the opening of their first two stores in Bali; located at Seminyak Street and Level 21 Mall Denpasar.

Since it was founded in 2014, Re.Juve has campaigned to make people #LiveHappier through delicious and healthy selection of food and beverage. They believed that the best way to get benefit from fruits and vegetables is by consuming them raw, thus processing them in form of cold-pressed juice through hygiene environment and advanced equipment.

“All of our beverages are protected with High Pressure Technology (HPP) that is able to make our beverages safer to consume as there’s no point of possible recontamination afterward” explains Richard Anthony, the CEO and President Director of Re.Juve. “This technology can make product shelf life longer, also preserves the nutrients without changing the taste and product quality as well as maintain the taste, nutrition, texture of the product. Therefore, we can make more customers outside Jabodetabek (Jakarta Metropolitan Area) to enjoy our 100% Fresh, Pure and Natural Cold-Pressed products,” he added.

Re.juve provides various product lines, such as Cold-Pressed Juices (Classic Line, Signature Line, Organic Line), Cold-Pressed Almond Milk, Cold-Pressed Elixirs, Smoothies, and Grab & Go snacks; all made with integrity in the ultra-hygienic true cold-pressed production facility with end to end cold chain environment, starting from preparation/pre-washing, rinsing, peeling and weighing, pressing, packaging until distribution to all stores.

“Choosing Bali as Re.juve further expansion area is because we want to reach more people to help them #LiveHappier and people in Bali already have bigger concern about healthy lifestyle and many of them are also advanced juice drinkers” Richard remarks. “We hope Re.juve can be a destination for local people and tourists when they are looking for healthy, delicious, honest and transparent products”.

Welcome to Bali, Re.Juve!


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