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Pristine Shorelines: 4 Seclusive Beaches in Lombok

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Forever being compared with its glorified neighboring island, Bali, becoming a blessing and curse that Lombok has to bear. Unlike its ‘big brother’, though, the growth of tourism there is somewhat slower, thus preserving most of the isle’s better side from developers and major hospitality operators that wish to expose it to be another big-shot ‘tropical haven’. In Lombok, you can still find lots of pristine, unspoilt slice of beaches, nearly untouched by machination of tourism industry. Here are some of them. 

Mawun Beach 

Located near the aforementioned Kuta beach, Mawun gains fame by its ‘nothingness’; meaning there’s not much human activity going on during and throughout the day. Aside from couple of small ‘warung’ huts that sells groceries and basic needs, you (and your companion) might only see sand, ocean and palm trees around its vicinity. If you feel like swimming, please mind that the current in the middle part of the bay is stronger than the outer one, and the absence of people also means that there will be no lifeguard on-duty, at least for now. 

Selong Belanak 

A discreet beach that recently gained its fame for its soft white sand and calm sea sandwiched by green curved hills. The road leading to this beach redefines ‘scenic route’ at its best, with green mountains on each side and smooth asphalt road, forming a truly (18 km long) panoramic wonder. Bamboo-structured cafes already makes their mark on the beach sandy areas, although the number is still few and far between. 

Pink Beach 

Known as Tangis beach by the nearby inhabitants, but now most of them are also familiar with the ‘Pink beach’ moniker, due to the increasing popularity and regularity of tourists who are asking around to find the exact spot. It is one of the few beaches in the world that has natural pinkish sand palette, and the secluded location makes it a great hidden getaway. The only downside is just that you has to go through bumpy, undeveloped dirt path (notoriously dubbed as ‘hell road’ for local guides and adventurous travellers alike) to reach this immaculate shoreline, an infrastructural matter that hopefully the local government already do something about. 

Kuta Beach 

Although bearing the same name of its Bali counterparts, Lombok’s Kuta gives different vibe of tranquillity. Lack of tourism infrastructure means the area’s natural grace is still pretty much well- maintained. There is this small hill that you can ascend to reach the vantage point and enjoy the shoreline’s mesmerizing scenery entirely. On peak holiday season, the numbers of visitor may increase quite significantly, but overall, still in reasonable number of crowds. 


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