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Positive Mental Attitude; An Ode To Human’s Learning Ability

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A bit disclaimer before we begin; this is not ‘part 2’ of my previous essay. Yes, the topic stills pretty much the same, but I hope to tackle it from an all-different angle, one that I wish could bring some hope to everyone who read it. Ready? Here goes!

Covid-19, like it or not, has changed a lot aspect of our life. It’s a FACT, not a theory. Fear has become the paradigm, and this caused more chaos than the mortality numbers itself. People become paranoid and distrust one another, yet many still carry on their life with reckless abandon.

What’s missing here; is the initiative to learn…

Human being has been blessed with the ability to adapt, improve and overcome, and in the midst of fear and uncertainty, many of us seems to forget about these aspects. We tend to focus on the negative and ‘bad news’ rather than embracing the positive. Until we become the victim of our own mindset.

Fear has crippled not only our physical health, but our mental state as well. Yes, sometimes the government doesn’t help, with all the additional protocols, and ever-changing regulation, but we can categorize it into ‘external factors’. What most important is that lies within us.

Instead of believing in uncertainty; am I infected? How’s the future going to be? What about my life? My business? We should set aside all these worries and find something good to learn. Again, exploring new skill and increasing your own health standard would be some of the best steps you can take.

Human learning process starts even before birth, and continues until death as a consequence of ongoing interactions between people and their environment. Throughout our lifespan, we can find many opportunities to learn from good and bad situation, and make ourselves better in the process.

Having a positive mental attitude is easier said than done; especially in times of uncertainty, but if we can achieve that, it’s going to help big time in the long run.


In other news: government has virtually agreed to open Bali for international tourist through several simulations and test. Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno has also announced several areas of the island to be a ‘Free Covid Corridor’(FCC) area for tourism. Let’s keep hoping for the best; we will get through this together!



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