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Play for Hope with ARTOTEL

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A Virtual Classes in collaboration with more than 20 content creators, public figures, and experts in their fields is happening in Bali. Along with organizing this virtual class, ARTOTEL Group is back to holding its annual CSR program, which is always done every December, and this time the CSR campaign is done digitally under the name “PLAY for HOPE”.

PLAY for HOPE, comes from the word PLAY, which is closely related to the lifestyle offered by the ARTOTEL Group hotel chain, such as overnight stays, entertainment events, restaurants & bars, and learning workshops; while HOPE which means hope is taken from ARTOTEL Group’s annual CSR campaign to raise funds to provide assistance to communities, foundations and social institutions, which is known as ARTOTEL For Hope.

Through PLAY for HOPE, ARTOTEL Group invites guests and the general public to participate in virtual classes / workshops while raising funds. More than 20 collaborators will provide workshops or knowledge sharing in each virtual class on December 10 – 20, 2020. There will be a fee for participating in each class, but part of the cost will be donated to SOS Children Village through trusted crowdfunding, namely Good Seeds(dot)com. For hotel guests who do not attend classes but want to make a donation, can access via barcode displays that have been provided in the public areas and rooms of each ARTOTEL Group hotel chain from December 1 to December 31, 2020. SOS Children Village is a non-profit organization. which focuses on caring for disadvantaged children especially in remote areas in Indonesia to get good learning opportunities.

The coaches involved in this program are Angga Dwimas Sasongko who will lead the class to overcome difficulties creatively, Arimbi Nimpuno who will bring the class to prepare snacks to celebrate the end of the year holidays, David Soong with the class to start a business, David Tjokrorahardjo with the class to become reliable leader, Ernest Prakasa who will teach us how to position ourselves properly, Theoresia Rumthe is here to deliver a poetry writing class, Maina Harjani from Jeda Wellnest with a pilates class, and many more. For more information about class schedules and teaching staff, please access the link: 


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