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Perfection in Simplicity

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Combining experience, education, passion and childhood memories, Sensorium is a grand vessel for Will Lim to celebrate the venture of human five senses through exquisitely refined simple dishes.

After years of working in several fine-dining establishments across Australia (and a five-star Hotel in Sydney), Will Lim decided it is time to pursue his passion on his own, and thus, Sen- sorium was born. A quaint dining space tucked conveniently near the famous Batu Bolong beach, Canggu, the café provides eminent selections of modern brunch with Asian twist.

“Sensorium is a celebration of human’s five senses” said Will, explaining the main concept of his proud restaurant. The name itself is derived from the combination of ‘sense’ and ‘sensory’, which truly emphasize what he wants to convey to his customers through the establishment. “The foods here are inspired by childhood memories recreated by my own personal touches” he added. Sensorium’s interior design could be categorized as ‘minimalist’ at best, but in the same time, the ambience is comfy and inviting; enabling the guests to enjoy taste of their food without any unnecessary distractions.

The Medan-born aspiring young chef clearly lets his culinary creations speaks aloud. Although comes from simple inspiration, all the menus are made (or re-made) with Will’s own refined technique and deep understanding of various ingredients combination; pleasantly challenging our palate with enticing twist of flavors but still honoring the roots of each dishes. The Entrée menus, for example, one is simply named ‘Edamame’, which mainly consists of the Japanese green bean, but added with homemade ‘Furikake’ sprinkles made from roasted seaweed, so “the guest can taste the flavor of the sea” (thoughtful, since there’s actually one near their vicinity).

Another remarkable starter dish, Charred Corn, draws inspiration from grilled corn stalls that easily found on the beachside area, but instead of your usual chili sauce + cheap butter, Will use homemade chili mayo and raclette cheese to deliciously decorate the twice-cooked whole-bodied corns.

That elements of personal memories are constantly shown on Sensorium’s other dishes as well; Will take the best of his own experience with simple food to create an elevated menu suitable for quality casual dine. The Ramen Soup, for another good example; is inspired by his fondness of Indomie (as we all can relate to), but instead of instant noodle, Will made one himself from scratch then combines it with other dishes, such as 3-types mushroom, chicken roulade and 62-degrees poached egg, poured with ‘dashi’ broth made of lightly smoked chicken bones; it is an eloquent bowl of warm goodness with soaring combination of flavors, intertwined together by brilliant modern recipe.

Acquiring ‘perfection’ from simplicity is not an easy task, but Will Lim has proved himself capable of doing so. Sensorium deliberately invites the guest to celebrate their senses through tantalizing flavors of quality unpretentious food and warm ambience.

Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.31A, Canggu, Bali 80351
+62 811 388 046



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