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Parks, Beach and Recreation: Best Picnic Spots Around Bali

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An open-air recreation with family and friends seems to be a great idea for your next Bali holiday. Here, we compiled some of the best picnic spots in the island that you can enjoy (mostly) for free. So pack up, bring your closest one along and enjoy a memorable feast under the sun with Bali’s eye-catching tropical vibe and immaculate scenery.

1.Pasut Beach

Situated in Tibiyu Village, Tabanan, Pasut Beach is an expansive black sand beach worth visiting. It is one of the idyllic examples of Bali’s exotic seaside destination, with arrays of coconut trees lining up along the dark-sandy beach. If you are looking for a quiet place to sit and relax with your loved ones, this beach is the perfect choice for you. Unlike its counterparts, Pasut beach is relatively unknown by international tourists, but locals often come here to relax, swim, or simply chill around waiting for the serene sunset moment.

2. Bukit Asah

Located at Sengkidu Village, Manggis, Karangasem, Bukit Asah is a secluded haven for those seeking for a brief nature hike and enjoy the magnificent scenery from a vantage point. The first thing you will see here is a “flat” hill with green grass and the scenery of the blue Ocean on its background. Considered as one of Bali’s best camping grounds, the hill around Bukit Asah is perfect to set a tent and build a bonfire. If you don’t have any camping equipment, worry not, as the locals will gladly rent them for a considerable price. Choose which type of tent that you prefer; either medium or VIP tent, depends on the price and facilities you will get. By night, enjoy the fantastic milky way scenery along with a bonfire set by the manager of the camping area.

3. Bali Botanical Garden

Nestled in the cool mountainous region of Bedugul, Central Bali, Bali Botanic Garden is a collection of sprawling green open space, landscaped gardens, dense tropical forest and unique plant collection set against the misty slopes of Tapak Hill. It is a place where you can relax in beautiful and peaceful surroundings while learning about the function of plants in the daily life of Balinese as well as some interesting rainforest plantations and birdlife. One of the most gorgeous picnic spots in this area is on its deeper side, directly overlooking the majestic Bratan Lake.

4. Taman Soekasada Ujung

Also widely renowned as ‘The Water Palace’, Taman Soekasada Ujung of Karangasem regency has gained a reputation as one of the best recreation spots in Bali. the early 2000’s decision of restoration project that brought this beautiful water palace back to life, allowing the visitors to feel the original past grandeur of the site as a recreational area for the royal family and for entertaining important guests visiting the Karangasem Kingdom. Originally built around 1901, the historical palace is a pleasing sight for eyes and senses. Featuring three pools and several floating pavilions connected by ornamental bridges and surrounded by serene garden; where visitors are allowed to sit and enjoy the scenery with their friends and family.

5. Berawa Beach

Conveniently located in close proximity from Seminyak and Umalas area, Berawa Beach is famous for its challenging surf breaks and golden sunset. It is still considered as one of the most sought out shoreline destinations from domestic tourists to relax and enjoy the fresh nature with beautiful panorama of its surrounding area. Despite the area’s relatively crowded vibe, you can still find a secluded spot to have bonfire with your beloved friends after the sunset, just make sure you bring back all the trash afterwards.

6. Marigold Field of Temukus Village

Within the serene Temukus Village, East Bali, lies gorgeous fields filled with ‘Gemitir’ flowers (Marigold), which are usually used by local Balinese Hindu in their religious rituals. Many of its local inhabitants grow these fluffy yellow flowers, so you can find many of the said fields around its vicinity. But don’t forget to ask for permission from the locals before entering their fields! One crucial tip: it’s better to visit the place before harvesting season, so you can see the magnificent sight of yellow and green scenery to its fullest. Don’t forget to bring your camera along, since this place is so ‘instagenic’!


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