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NO LOCKDOWN: President Jokowi Issued Latest Comment On COVID-19

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In response of the current COVID-19 global pandemic, Indonesian President Joko Widodo has issued his latest statement, addressing to some of the most frequently asked questions among those who wish to travel to the country during this period. Here goes his full official statement, as said on a live press conference broadcasted by Presidential Secretary official Youtube account, Monday, March 16th 2020:

I keep following closely the developments in situations related to COVID-19 from time to time and continue to give measurable orders so that we can inhibit the spread of the COVID-19 virus and not exacerbate the economic impact that could complicate people’s lives.

Therefore, all policies, both central and regional government policies, will and must be explored in depth in order to effectively solve the problem and not worsen the situation.

I must first emphasize that the lockdown policy at both the national and regional level is the policy of the central government, this policy should not be taken by the regional government and until now there has been no thought in the direction of the lockdown policy.

Right now the most important thing that needs to be done is how do we reduce the mobility of people from one place to another keeping distance and reducing the crowd of people who carry a greater risk to the spread of COVID-19.

The policy of learning from home, working from home, and doing religious ceremony at home needs to continue to be intensified in order to reduce the level of the spread of COVID-19 while maintaining services to the community whether it is basic needs, health services, and other public services.

Public transportation must still be provided by the central and regional governments with a note that increasing the level of cleanliness of the modes of transportation be it train, city bus, MRT, LRT, Trans buses, which are important to reduce the level of publicity, reduce queues, and reduce the level of density of people in in this mode of transportation so that we can keep our distance from each other.

Second, all major policies at the regional level related to COVID-19 must be discussed first with the central government. To facilitate communication I ask the regions to consult with relevant ministries and the recently-formed COVID-19 task force.

Thirdly, to avoid confusion of information conveyed to the public, I also request that the COVID-19 Task Force be the only reference information for the public.

Finally, I invite everyone to wash their hands clean, keep learning, keep working, and keep praying.

Community solidarity is an important social asset to move us together against this COVID-19 pandemic.



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