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New Kid on the Block: Menu Jalan-Jalan

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When her love for travels and food birthed a culinary business in pandemic season. Ayu the founder of Menu Jalan-jalan (Travel Menu) launched the business in August 2020. The Travel Menu presents something unique and new, especially for travelers who miss the food on the plane / airline meals but so far have not been able to travel.
Ayu was born in Surabaya who has lived in Bali for more than 10 years and said that the origin of this idea was from her longing to travel but was hindered by travel restriction due to COVID-19. The recommended menu of MJJ is Nasi Lemak made from chicken rendang with selected spices and IK*A-style Swedish Meatballs with creamy sauce. The ingredients used alone are premium ingredients and without MSG. Apart from Nasi Lemak and Swedish Meatballs, there are also Roti Canai, Apple French Toast, & Hainan Chicken Rice which are the mainstays of MJJ. Apart from that, all MJJ menus are halal. Easy reheating is an advantage of MJJ compared to other food sold online. The MJJ menu is packed with tin foil so that customers are easy to enjoy. Simply by heating it in the oven or microwave, using a pan or steamer, you can even heat it in a frying pan without removing it from the package.

With various cultural inspirations, MJJ made innovations by continuously updating its menu. The assumption that airline meals are not as good as the food we eat in restaurants or cafes is also the background for MJJ to try to fulfill its desire to serve food that makes customers’ tongues sway. It doesn’t stop there, the plan to make MJJ pop up café is also a target for Ms. Ayu. Certainly, it will continue to carry the theme of traveling and culture in this world.

Ayu also gives encouragement to people who are just starting a business, both in the food and beverage sector as well as in other fields. “Don’t forget to rest, don’t forget to have fun and I hope the world will get better soon,” said Ms. Ayu.

Menu Jalan-Jalan
IG: @menujalanjalan
Ph: +62 812 3633 9528


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