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More than Words : Dialoog Banyuwangi

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Bringing progressive, technology savvy approach of their main property brand, Dialoog Banyuwangi aims to cater the need of millennial travelers for a convenient, simple yet sophisticated accommodation during their tranquil-seeking holiday in pristine yet underrated beachside area of Banyuwangi.

Only a year after their official opening day, Dialoog Banyuwangi has established themselves as a firm favorite amongst discerning travellers who wish to relax by the ocean and indulge in a tropical bliss of this ‘hidden gem’ of destination along the Eastern Java coast.  Situated on Klatak Beach, Kalipuro; about 21 km from Blimbingsari Airport, Banyuwangi, and only 4 km from its city center, Dialoog Banyuwangi is the first 4-star facility of Dialoog hospitality brand offering new wanderlust generation a stylish lodging that is both smart and simple.

Distinctive yet eye-catching, Dialoog Banyuwangi boasts a unique blend of modern design and traditional culture, which taking its root from ancient Javanese element. The hotel features a total of 116 deluxe rooms and suites which seamlessly combines stylish simplicity with exceptional comfort and convenience in a bright open-concept layout. To ensure the guest’s complete convenience, each rooms are equipped with international-grade amenities; with LCD cable TVs, rainshowers and high-speed WiFi connectivity comes as standard, as do al-fresco private balconies adorned with plush daybeds for an outdoor chilling moment. Those who wish for an unobstructed shoreline vibe and view, Dialoog Banyuwangi’s Ocean Deluxe Rooms and Suites offer the stunning vista of Klatak Beach and its pristine surroundings.

Dialoog Banyuwangi also offers several in-house facilities for their staying guest. Dining and unwinding go effortlessly hand in hand at Casabanyu. The sheltered, open-air restaurant and bar serves arrays of authentic Indonesian fare, accompanied by contemporary international cuisine and lines of quality mocktails, cocktails and curated fine wines. Relax and enjoy a blissful stay at the hotel’s infinity pool, poolside bar, or indulge in the hotel’s spa with pampering aromatherapy or healing treatment, using Indonesia’s traditional method and nature-based body care products.

Guests who stay with their spouse are in for an intimate treat. Dialoog Bayuwangi’s tropical setting makes it a truly romantic destination for honeymoon escape or wedding celebration. For the latter, couples can exchange their vows on the hotel’s oceanfront lawn, or commence a beautiful ceremony in the coconut grove, followed by a grand reception party in a stunning glass-walled ballroom or outdoor near the beachside, as the sun sets over the horizon.

Gorgeous venues and upscale amenities aside, Dialoog Banyuwangi also embraces the adventurers-at-heart to explore its fantastic natural surrounding; from cycling tours through the city and mountainside to wildlife adventure and adrenaline-pumping water sports. Try a night hike to the summit of Ijen and witness the mountain’s turquoise lake and fiery blue flames first-hand, or go down to Sukamede Beach area in Meru Betiri National Park to see turtles laying their eggs, there’s plenty to do during your stay!

Enjoy wild encounters with majestic animals on a safari program at Baluran National Park, or have the ride of your life through 4WD jungle adventure at the mystical Alas Purwo National Park; home to the endangered Javanese bull and also G-Land; which now renowned as one of the world’s best surfing spot. Those who wish to explore the vast marine life of Bali Strait can also go snorkeling and diving in the crystal clear water around Tabuhan Island or Menjangan Island in West Bali National Park.

Bringing the Dialoog brand philosophy of “Stay You” to life, Dialoog Banyuwangi put deep respect for individuality. It creates an environment where guests can come as they are, and feel completely at home during their stay; in a genuine, scriptless style of hospitality. Here, you would find everything you truly need in travelling; an affordable concentrate of comfort, style and human connection; from beautiful simplicity that embody a love of quality, detail and seamless functionality, subtle precision that emphasis on discreet attention to detail and thoughtful little touches, continually new innovation that pushes the boundaries and keep a constant fresh value to the guest experience, big heart and affordable luxury. More than words, Dialoog Banyuwangi truly exist as an embodiment of ‘leisurely’.

Dialoog Banyuwangi

Jl. Yos Sudarso, Klatak, Banyuwangi, 68421, Indonesia

P. +62 333 2800 999




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