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Mercure Bali Legian Introduces ‘Discover Local’

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Mercure Bali Legian Introduces ‘Discover Local’; A Grand Celebration of Indigenous Cultural Experience

Mercure Hotel just recently launched ‘Discover Local’; a fun-filled activities experience full of discoveries for locals and travelers alike. Through this program, travelers get the pleasant chance to explore the region they are visiting in a totally authentic way and from three perspectives: food, beverage and craftsmanship.

In Bali, Mercure Bali Legian held Local Day to delight inquisitive minds. The event starts with essential activities in Bali which are cultural and local sightseeing around the hotel’s vicinity, including a gorgeous ‘Pura’ temple on its inner side which still visited regularly by Balinese Hindus to pray and give their offering. Participants are also told about the stories behind the gallant Ancak trees which have been around since ancient times and now become a majestic natural decoration of the hotel’s restaurant venue. In the restaurant, participants can join a quick cooking class and learn the making process of Balinese local ‘Seafood Timbungan’ dish, followed by three-course lunch session with ‘ceramcam’ soup appetizer, the aforementioned Seafood Timbungan set, and three-ways delightful dessert called ‘Tridata’ which consist banana fritter, ‘bubur injin’ sweet black rice porridge and soft pumpkin cake.

After fulfilling the indigenous culinary curiosity, participants are taken to Lavare Spa for a rejuvenating treatment with ‘Boreh’ massage; a centuries-old healing technique using herbs and exotic spices used as a skin revitalization mask and body scrub. Feel the pleasant warm sensation on your whole body throughout the treatment session. As the sun goes down, relax and chill in the hotel’s Poole Bar & Lounge to discover an exquisite mixture of cocktails and mocktails with local ingredients: Arak Bali and Brem mixed with local concoction such as cemcem, snakefruit (salak) and Kintamani’s tangerine.

To end the wholesome day, wrap it up with a grand Full Moon Dinner at Poole Bar & Lounge’s al fresco poolside dining space; a once-a-month dinner occasion with live contemporary dance performance under the full moon to celebrate the moment with tantalizing selections of all-you-can eat Balinese buffet; including the world renowned ‘babi guling’ suckling pig. Ask the attentive staff to cut the skin and meat directly from freshly grilled pig and enjoy the combination of crispy and tender meat goodness right away! The participants will also be given Balinese traditional attire as a parting gift: ‘udeng’ hat for male and ‘selendang’ scarf for female, to get more immersed in the local culture. It is indeed a glorious day of cultural discovery!


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