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Little Sculptures You Can Wear: RÚNE Jewellery

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Evgeniya Nepeyvoda decided that she was leaving her job as a manager in a Chinese timber trading company to fulfil her dream as an entrepreneur, and creating jewellery is her passion. With an artistic personality and determination, she is now working with Balinese and Thai crafter and launched RÚNE Jewellery. Little sculptures you can wear.

What makes Rune different from other jewellery lines?

I have not seen many other jewellery design companies that work in this style. My design style is unique: nature-inspired elements, like textures and finishing; asymmetry, because I find true beauty in imperfections; minimalistic in details; clean and rough.

Is there a meaning behind the name Rune?

In my mind, RUNE is more about meaning and energies than about actual jewellery. The Rune FEHU laid the foundation for the whole idea. It is the Rune of abundance and fulfilment. It signifies wealth gained, successes met, and rewards delivered. It promises nourishment – from the mundane comforts of everyday life to the food of the soul. The key concepts are wealth, money, luck, personal power, circulation of energy, prosperity and also, our energy such as our mobility, success, charisma, abundance, flow, and sexual attraction.

Has it been your dream to have this line, and how do you overcome the hardships in being a jewellery entrepreneur?

Frankly speaking, it is useless to dream without making it a reality. Once I came up with the whole idea, I started to do the necessary actions to make it come true. Step by step, of course, but I do it every day. I can not say that I made a significant change in the fashion industry, not YET. So please ask me again in a few years 🙂

What inspires your collection?

Nature. Rocks, breaking waves, lava, crushed metal – you can find it all made of silver in RUNE line. I feel all the pieces have masculine and feminine qualities, and it can be worn by both male and female. Our (human) energy. My pieces of jewellery are for those who emphasize individuality, has their own point of view and are not afraid to speak up their opinion.

Where do you make it? Are the Balinese crafter made them?

My jewellery is made partially in Bangkok, partly in Bali. I’ve had the opportunity to see the craftsmanship and work of incredibly talented Balinese jewellery masters. And I hope this ongoing collaboration will be very successful for RUNE brand and will be accepted both in Bali and worldwide.

What do you want women to feel when they’re wearing your jewellery?

RUNE jewellery represents development, creativity, the embodiment of new ideas. I want people who wear my pieces to feel the flowing of energy. And on the other hand, I want them never to stop trying to achieve their dreams. 

Do you believe in women empowerment, and is this jewellery line a part of it? 

I do, I love the autonomy and independence of running my own business and being able to put into practice what I believe in. My jewellery is my statement, and it reflects what I love and what interests me artistically and aesthetically. 

Where can we buy Rune Jewelry?

But right now you can buy it through Instagram platform @rune_jewelry if you speak English or @runejewelry if you speak Russian. We will send the pieces to your door!


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