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Little Italy in Lively Berawa

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Situated in the heart of Berawa, just a stone’s throw from the area’s famous surfing destination, Good Mantra set to bring prime produce, bright flavours and good dose of communal spirit to the vibrant neighbourhood.

Bringing Italy’s eclectic elements to the urban seaside life of Berawa, MILANO is a place where you can savor all the things you love about the Mediterranean’s treasure chamber; food, drink, and vibe alike. 

Inspired by Milanese divine elegance, MILANO restaurant’s food menu provides ultimate comfort. At its cores, it delivers authentic, simple and fulfilling dishes influenced by different regions of beloved Italian cuisine. 

The interior of MILANO boasts gracious vintage aspects of Italian fine-dine venue. The big, neon-style sign is clearly visible from afar, with the central bar awaits tight after the main entrance. Have a seat on the restaurant’s convenient sofa or one of their lavish marble-dark green table for your high-class dining moment. ich will hit the spot.

All MILANO’s menu are made using high-quality, soul-serving ingredients in recipes, cooking and mixing, but using as much locally sourced and homemade products as possible to elevate their beloved guest variety of sense. For a unique Italian taste, try Cotolletta Alla Milanese Mai Vista Prima; a menu consisting breaded prime beef on the bone, glazed with chopped tomato and served with tasty sauce. Or Dalla Salumeria, which is a set of Italian cold-cuts served with fresh focaccia. If you want something more familiar, worry not as MILANO’s authentic pizza and pasta will be ready to pleasure your palate. 

Authentic and scrumptious Italian dishes aside, MILANO’s cocktail bar deserve its own credit as well. With a subtle nod to Italian’s legendary drink manufacturer Gaspere Campari, the bar is ready to serve arrays of classic and traditional drinks alongside creative cocktail concoctions to please even the most demanding patrons. It is the restaurant’s tradition to kept vibrant, aperitifs as pre-meal custom along with list of digestifs to be the guest’s trusty food companion. 

The food is great, the drink’s fantastic, and the atmospheres vivacious. Welcome to MILANO; the little Italy of feisty Berawa! 

Jl. Pantai Berawa, Tibubeneng, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80351
P: +62 813 3797 2998
IG: @milanocanggu



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