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Let There Be Light: Capella Partners with SolarBuddy to Fight Energy Poverty

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August 12th is recognized as the International Youth Day, and what better way to celebrate than to provide a better life for today’s younger generation?

Our friends at Capella Hotels and Resorts did exactly that when they partnered with SolarBuddy to donate 200 solar powered portable lamps to various provinces in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. Many people in said countries as well as all over the world are living in the darkness and have minimal access to light when the sun sets – 789 million of them to be exact. 

The initiative between both parties is the first in their long-term partnership to abolish extreme energy poverty. Both SolarBuddy and Capella pledges to provide youths the opportunity to do simple things like being able to open their books and study after dusk without the fear of damaging their eyesights. The partnership hopes to improve the children’s educational outcome through the gift of clean, sustainable light.

“At Capella Hotels and Resorts, we believe that each and every child have the right to develop to their full potential,” says Nicholas Clayton, CEO of Capella Hotel Group. “Our collaboration with SolarBuddy was an opportunity that enabled us to amplify our Capella Youth initiative, ensuring every child receives proper education. This is strongly aligned with our philosophy of empowering youth to build a sustainable future for themselves.”

As custodians of the community, the Capella group is dedicated to the enrichment of their surroundings and the lives of their community. To raise awareness about energy poverty, guests and colleagues of Capella Ubud, Capella Bangkok and Capella Hanoi will be invited to help assemble the physical solar lamp, which will then be distributed to youth in their region. One of the beneficiaries include students from Mbinudita, Indonesia, where education remains a challenge with over 50% of the children having no access to electricity back home.

If you are interested to help or donate, go to their page. All donation will go directly towards purchasing SolarBuddy’s sustainable solar lights for the beneficiary communities.


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