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KU DE TA Welcomes A Brand New International Executive Kitchen Team

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One of Seminyak’s most favourite party and dining destination, KU DE TA, brings fresh new direction to their culinary division by announcing the arrival of new executive kitchen team, lead by Executive Chef Jeremy Hunt and Head Chef Warren Carney.

From day one, both chef Jeremy and Warren hit the ground running to introduce ample change in two of KU DE TA’s dining venue–casual KU DE TA and Mejekawi. Inspired by and reflective of the island’s seasonal produce and laid-back tropical lifestyle, the new menu directions encapsulate the food philosophies the new chefs bring with them.

KU DE TA Executive Chef Jeremy Hunt

Both South African-born and classically trained Cordon Bleu graduates, Jeremy and Warren have established a distinct new dining direction for the venue, focusing on crisp flavours and classic techniques, designed to be enjoyed while digesting the spectacular ocean views.

“I’m big on innovation,” explains Executive Chef Jeremy Hunt. “I enjoy sourcing interesting ingredients and pairing them with trending flavours. I also like connecting with a wide range of palettes. Because KU DE TA has such an international clientele, I’ve ensured that there is something for everybody on our menus. It’s imperative that we select premium produce and deliver them at the highest level.”

The reinvigorated dishes of KU DE TA restaurants won’t fall into a specific niche, says Head Chef Warren Carney. “[We focus on] creating menus and special dishes that are consistently great and not necessarily from a specific genre. The chef is the genre or style. Respecting the ingredients and giving them the care they are due, to accentuate what they are and how you want the customer to perceive them, with harmonious flavor, texture, color and presentation. [We’re] hoping to tickle all of the senses while doing so, to create an experience rather than a plate of food.”

KU DE TA Head Chef Warren Carney

Both chefs bring international flair and experience to their new roles. Prior to joining KU DE TA, Executive Chef Jeremy spent his childhood on a large-scale family farm, where he developed a lifelong love of fresh and seasonal produce. His career in the kitchen has taken him around the world, from the esteemed private club Ochre Point in Newport, USA to the multi-award-winning North Island, a luxurious private island in the Seychelles. Head chef Warren also boasts an illustrious resume, having worked at one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, La Colombe, as well as heading up the team at Madam Zingara and Asoka.


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