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Kids Days Out: Bali’s Wonderful Destinations To Spend The Moment With Your Little Ones

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Not only for intimate couple, daredevil adventurer or buddy bonding vacation, Bali is also a perfect destination for a family day out with your little ‘uns. The island itself is basically an action-packed sandbox of tropical island to have adventure on for both kids and parents alike. Here we listed some of the best places to do with your beloved ones in Bali. Boredome is out of question, here comes the ultimate fun

1. Unicorn Cafe Bali by Brie

Fulfilling childhood dreams one mythical creature at a time, Unicorn Cafe Bali by Brie Petitenget exist to feed your loved ones obsession with the glorious horned horse. Make your rainbow-colored wishes into reality in this chic, pink-tinted cafe. Not only through selections of vibrant-colored sweet goodness and drinks (Milkshake + giant candy floss!), you can also be a unicorn princess with full-on costume, colourful plush toys, pastel coloured sofas and pretty murals as you slip in the cutest unicorn onesies and dig in too-pretty-to-be-eaten cakes that look like they only belong in the realm of instagram. What a place-to-be!

2. Bali Zoo

If your loved ones have fondness for animals, Bali Zoo will be a destination they’d like to visit. One of the island’s biggest animal conservation and education center will greet your children and let them interact directly with the (already tamed) animals; from deer, Orangutan to snakes and crocodiles. After closing their doors for awhile due to COVID-19 pandemic, Bali Zoo is up and running once again to welcome their guest and their little ones to enjoy a day out with fascinating faunas. To follow the healthy protocols, face mask is required during visit, and the zoo restricts attendance to only 30% of normal capacity. Still not a reason to skip this wonderful destination on your next Bali vacation!

3. Berawa Art House

If your kids are into art, embrace their creativity and let them explore the imagination at Berawa Art House. As part of the Tamora Gallery hub complex, this education center is considered to have one of the best art classes for children above 4 years old. All the teachers are friendly and attentive professionals who will ensure all your kid’s need during their learning time, and the idyllic location overlooking the lush paddy field is another plus point that would prevent your kids from boredom. Berawa Art House have different classes for each age group ranging from: watercolours, graphite and inks drawing and even acrylics-making workshop.

4. Pondok Pekak Library

Since its first opened back in 1995, Pondok Pekak Library has become one of the best independent libraries in Ubud that owns a grand total of 30,000 interesting titles in variety of different languages. The learning center, which names literally means ‘Grandpa’s Hut’ in Balinese, also provide chance for both adults and children to learn many basic Balinese skills, such as Balinese Dance, Fruit and Vegetable Carving, Gamelan playing workshop and Canang making workshop (Balinese traditional offerings; as seen on picture above). For kids who love to be hands-on and have something special to take home, Pondok Pekak Library also offers silver jewelry making and mask making classes for all ages!

5. Bali Wake Park’s Aqualand

If you’re planning for a more full-blown activity day for your beloved ones, Bali Wake Park’s Aqualand is a must-visit. Bali Wake Park is the island’s pioneer in wakeboard park and remains one of the most iconic 5-star water sports and recreational resort development in the island. Aqualand is the park’s latest addition; featuring a floating playground with inflatables that can reach to 8 meters above. Challenge your kids to run around variety of fun obstacles you can jump over, slide down or run through. Don’t be afraid to get wet and test your energy level here!

6. Bali Safari and Marine Park

Home to lots of exotic animals, from Komodo Dragon to the endemic (and endangered) Bali Mynah bird, Bali Safari & Marine Park guarantee an educative, fun-filled day out for you and your precious family. Sightseeing around on one of the park’s stripped bus through the preservative habitats of various fascinating animals will never gets old. Bali Safari and Marine Park also boast other ‘funducative’ facilities; such as a grand theater, small amusement center and waterpark for your loved ones.

7. Bali Equestrian Center

Imaginary horse is fascinating (read: unicorn), but Bali also have the real deal. If your kids wish to learn about literal horse riding, Bali Equestrian Center is the definite to-go spot. The international-grade facilities offers wide range of lessons, from full-blown learning course to adorable ‘pony ride service’ for your kids to interact and ride a cute pony. Here, kids will be taught to develop empathy for the horses (and ponies); treating them with respect and care, not merely something to ride. There is a chic little cafe inside this facility where the rest of the family can conveniently hangout during their little one’s memorable session.

8. Shooters Bali

A place to go when you’re feeling nostalgic, Shooters Bali combine a fun cafe with popping carnival vibes. Here, your kids will have a wonderful time while you can have a can or two of refreshing Bintang. Besides their iconic mini-golf field, you’ll get to play many other pre-smartphone era of games in Shooters; namely table tennis, basketball hoops, foosball, vintage console video games, arcade machines, and many more. Don’t forget to capture your moment of family togetherness on their lovely photo booth!


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