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John Hardy Introduces ‘Lahar’ Jewelry Collection

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One of Bali’s most prominent jewelry brands, John Hardy, is pleased to introduce their latest ‘Lahar’ collection, inspired by the raw power of the island’s volcano and lava flow.

An homage to the raw dynamic between nature and art, Lahar (means ‘lava’ in Indonesian) features a wealth of wild diamonds; which are diamonds in their purest form, cut in an array of unique shapes to amplify each of its unique inclusions. Their elemental beauty is further emphasized in John Hardy’s signature lava setting. Emulating the organic movement of lava, flowing waves of diamonds sweep across cuff bracelets, bold rings, necklaces, and statement earrings in assortment of sterling silver and 18K gold.

Bali is a collision of beauty and strength as the black sands meet the ocean and lava flows into the water” says John Hardy’s Creative Director, Hollie Bonneville Barden, who initiate the ‘Lahar’ collection. “The destructive yet forging beauty of nature and the drama of creation continues to fascinate me. Molten lava is the source of our materials, and our seed of inspiration,” she explains.

For this second release of the Fall 2019 campaign, John Hardy features several world-renowned celebrities such as Penelope Cruz and Adwoa Aboah to each express their own bold originality in Lahar. Cruz presents dramatic designs that unite gold and wild diamonds to ignite emotion, whereas Aboah showcases a bold sculptural cuff and earrings that embody the raw power and duality of the island’s elemental forces.


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