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Izakaya by OKU X Aperitif Brings An Enticing Journey Of Japanese Degustation

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An extraordinary culinary collaboration was commenced on 10th October 2020. Taking place at Apéritif in Ubud, this exclusive collaboration unites two of Bali’s top class restaurants. Apéritif welcomed the highly acclaimed Izakaya by OKU to patrons on a delectable Japanese gastronomic journey by combining talented executive chefs from both restaurants.

Aperitif’s Chef Nic Vanderbeeken joined hands with Chef Deni Koswara from Izakaya by OKU for this eventful evening. With over 20 years of experience, Chef Nic led the Apéritif team to deliver an enchanting, dining experience specifically designed to be savored. This elaborate event with Izakaya by OKU attested to his penchant for cross-cultural collaborations, presenting Japanese cuisine as part of the restaurant’s cuisine of the world. Chef Deni Koswara gained his expertise in Japanese cuisine through his years in the Middle East, working for famous Japanese restaurants, whilst refining his skills before returning to Indonesia to join Izakaya by OKU; a part of The Apurva Kempinski Bali’s signature dining venues.

“We are thrilled to introduce Izakaya by OKU to Ubud’s culinary scene,” said Chef Deni Koswara. “Chef Nic and his team at Apéritif have been a great force to work with. It is an amazing opportunity for us, and we are grateful that we have the chance to introduce Izakaya by OKU to Ubud’s dining scene,” He added. “It was a spectacular evening. People loved the experience, and we are very happy to see their enthusiasm.”

The event was attended by distinguished diners, who were intrigued by the Japanese flavours that have been enticing the crowd in Nusa Dua. Through this collaboration, the two chefs showcased a delectable eight course dinner. Some of the chefs’ signature dishes, including Izakaya by OKU’s OKU Karaage, Karasumi Pasta, Truffle Gyu Don and Ishi Zen, as well as Aperitif’s Tsukemono, Tofu, Opu Fish, and Matcha highlighted the affair, showcasing their unrivalled skills.


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