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Hilton Bali Returns the Love to Mother Earth through Partnership with ‘Mountain Mamas’ Initiate

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After removing the usage of plastic straws in its entire establishment across South East Asia and replacing plastic with glass-bottled water from all their room units, Hilton hospitality enterprise further enhance their sustainability program in the island of Bali by finishing the expansion of Mountain Mama facility in Tabanan area.

As a prestigious global company that has touches many lives around the world every day, Hilton realized that one way to extend their spirit of hospitality is by giving back to the local community and the earth itself. This sustainability initiative is reflected through Travel with Purpose Action Grant seed-funding program; which has gathered around U$ 5000 to help the Mountain Mamas expand their facilities into a 150 square-meter workshop, completed with brand new sewing equipment and improvement in both plumbing and electricity.

Through this enhanced premises, more local women from various communities in Bali can produce their handcrafted linen bags. Proceeds from the sale of these bags will then be directed in part towards the work of non-profit organization ‘Bye-Bye Plastic Bags’. The remainder will be reinvested into the village of Wanagiri Kauh to support the setting up of waste management systems, uplifting local school facilities and health care packages for families.

Bye Bye Plastic Bags (BBPB) Bali is a youth-driven movement launched in 2013 by two bright young siblings, Melati and Isabel Wijsen, in order to raise awareness about the issue of waste in Bali. As part of its extensive portfolio of community-centric initiatives, they launched the social enterprise Mountain Mamas to equip local women in Bali with skills to produce linen-based bags from donated or recycled materials as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. To this date, the partnership has seen at least 40 women from around the area of Wanagiri Kauh undergo skills training, with more expected to benefit from the program in the coming years.

“With five hotels in Indonesia open and a view to triple our presence with a pipeline of 13 more hotels to open in the next three to five years, we have a huge role to play in doing our part for the communities across the country” said Nils-Arne Schroeder, the regional general manager, of Hilton Indonesia and Timor Leste. “A little funding can go a long way – as we’ve witnessed through the Travel with Purpose Action Grants which have been a great way for our Team Members to take ownership in giving back to their own communities”

“We see this not only in Bali but also in Bandung, where the Hilton Bandung team has won the Action Grant for the third year in a row and this year commits to working with Yayasan Beribu, a community-based preschool accommodating 30-40 underprivileged children in the Ciumbuleuit area of Bandung.” Nils explains. “Our efforts in Bali in building the facility for the Mountain Mamas have been met with nothing but enthusiasm, and we are heartened by the dedication of all our hotel Team Members in doing their part to make Bali a better place to live and work in,” he remarked.

These glorious partnerships are not the end of Hilton’s effort to increase the sustainability awareness.  As part of its Travel with Purpose commitment, Hilton aims to cut its environmental footprint in half and double its social impact investment by 2030. They will also become the first major hotel company to institute science – based targets to reduce carbon emissions and send zero soap to landfill.

Keep up the stellar work, Hilton!


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