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Hilly Highland Solace: The Dreamy Kintamani

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Located on the Northeast part of Bali, Kintamani offers a brief escape for anyone seeking for a tranquil solace in-between their bustling activity. This peaceful highland area offers the exquisite serenity of green-meets-blue nature, fresh air, and view of gallant Batur mountain and its magnificent lake below.

Along with Bedugul and Ubud, Kintamani is considered as one of Bali’s best highland destinations, and it lives up the reputation until this very moment. The area was created over 30,000 years ago by the eruption of a gigantic volcano. The 1717 metres-high Mount Batur is seated in the middle of the crater, which has the length of 13,5 by 10 kilometres.

View from one of the Cafes in Jalan Penelokan

Kintamani’s exquisite scenery is best enjoyed along the hilly path of Penelokan Village. There are dozens of restaurants and cafes along this road offering the same memorable vantage views of Mount Batur and its nearby lake. Unlike the misty Bedugul, the weather of Kintamani is relatively clear, even in the afternoon, so you can enjoy the wholesome vista on a sunny day uninterruptedly. Kintamani has seen a surge of tourism development, so expect to see some stylish, instagrammable cafes along this road, serving tantalizing dishes and pastries to compliment the wonderful nature vibe.

The majestic Lake Batur

After a splendid lunch and afternoon chillout time, don’t rush to go back to your homestay / hotel, as the area still has plenty of enticing spots to explore. Go down on an interstate of Penelokan road to get closer to Mount Batur, and visit some of the destinations along the vicinity; such as several natural hot springs to swim around and enjoy the lakeview scenery. There’s an old hotel with a restaurant below where you can dine above a floating deck above the Batur lake, but sadly it is still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kintamani Scenic Hot Spring

If you feel adventurous, drive down the smooth road a little bit deeper to reach the foot of Mount Batur. Park your vehicle on the vantage point and proceed on foot to climb on a short rocky hill to a lone Bale (traditional gazebo-like building), where you can get an uninterrupted magical view of Batur Lake, nearby Pura temple and huge patch of black lava poured down from Mount Batur during its last eruption.

Gallant Foothill of Mount Batur

The dramatic, breathtaking view of Mount and Lake Batur of Kintamani are some of Bali’s most gorgeous natural wonders, and you surely wouldn’t want to miss it on your next island vacation. This peaceful highland is a place where you can dream and enjoy the heavenly ambience of rugged natural beauty and fantastic, picturesque restaurants along the hilly roads. 


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