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Help The Family In Needs Through Solemen Bali Hunger Relief Campaign

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COVID-19 Has a devastating impact and make many families in Bali suffers terribly. Through their outreach program, Solemen wish to reach those who are unfortunate, especially in this hard times caused by the pandemic.

Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, Solemen Outreach Program were already supporting over 2,000 disadvantaged people in Bali. Many people under Solemen’s care, especially children, are malnourished.

Solemen’s Bali Hunger Relief Campaign, proudly supported by Finn’s Beach Club, aims makes a huge difference to the lives of Bali’s destitute, seriously ill and malnourished. The non-profit company continue their efforts to reach people who fall through the cracks, those living in extreme poverty or desperate circumstances and with no easy access to medical care. Now, more than ever, they need our help.

In order to provide basic needs to poor families around Bali, Solemen urgently needs comprehensive food parcels and supplementary medicines. By donating a minimum of $6 a day, you can already contribute to feed a family of four. Solemen’s comprehensive pack for a balanced diet ensures each family receives valuable nutrition. They provide staples such as rice, dried beans and oil along with weekly deliveries of fresh produce and additional quality nutritional supplements. 

All donors will automatically become members of the SoleMates club which includes exciting opportunities to engage with the important work done by Solemen Indonesia as well as several thank you gifts. 

This is a great chance to make a difference! So let’s participate in the good cause of Solemen Indonesia. For more information or donate, you can go to or


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