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Flower Power

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Flowers in wedding play a role as if a cherry atop a sundae. Small yet significant touch to embellish the entire display. Without them the reception is merely a dull space housing a lot of people. Maybe some do not concern much of this kind of essence, maybe because they have not caught of how interesting it is to mix and match flowers and plants. And maybe our following intriguing conversation with Flora Botanica will change their mind, injecting notions for later. 

“In Bali, wedding receptions are quite different from other big cities in Indonesia that is known as a destination wed- ding. People tend to promote a personal, private atmosphere so that they can interact with the guests while they gasp in the particular concept”, explains Nathania Regina (Tania), the founder of Flora Botanica, an anticipated wed- ding florist and decoration. She finds her clients in the island often specify details for their wedding to give personal touch to the guests. A tiny bit will do as simple as putting their guests’ name on the menu or souvenirs. When asked the typical behaviours of Flora Botanica’s market, Tania argues there are several types of some couples. First is couples who exactly know what they want and consult strictly. Second is blank-page couples who let her decide everything. And last is those who understand their needs but open for discussion. Initially, Flora Botanica has no intention for taking any- thing for granted and instead foresees an impressive display yet hassle free. The thing is Flora Botanica emphasises certain concepts that are different, juxtaposing elements for longing a quintessence. 

In details, Tania reveals four notable elements to interlace the wedding theme with flower decoration. The ultimate element surely is colours which is followed by texture. In this case, texture is about the combination of all materials to form a texture whether to set layers of colour tone or to create an intricate composition. Flora Botanica, however, lies on one characteristic they always suggest to customers which combines airy, textured, loose and organic arrangement (if the bride and groom seem to allow them taking the lead). Next is signified by the sense of vocal that is about centering particular pieces to be the limelight. For example by playing with big size flowers or a vibrant colour. The last but not least is styling, regarding to entwine few ingredients and pick which matches are perfect for each other at the desired theme. Leaves with branches will show- case different sensation from the com- bination of leaves with candles or leaves with textiles. 

Speaking of experiences, Tania un- folds in 2 years Flora Botanica passed about 60 to 80 projects a year. One of the most challenging ones was when they had a wedding project in a popular wedding site in Jimbaran, requiring them to decorate an open space in short time with a big canopy full of flowers. Favourably, they overcame the challenge, constructing a huge bam- boo canopy knitted by real and plastic flowers consisting of Calla Lilies, Peacocks, Baby Breaths and Orchids. Another pebble of their business is the search of limited flowers. Peony, for instance, is one kind that is many people look after but the availability is such a heavy sash as it grows in short period. 

Representation of each flower itself additionally remarks an engaging modicum to discuss. Tania believes a flower or plant speaks for one’s behaviour and taste towards the wedding concept. To give you a hint is Eucalyptus which interprets a simple yet appealing image as well as the rare, expensive imported flowers. “Luxury means something we do not see in a regular basis. By picking expensive flowers concurrently spreads out the feeling of luxury. And by that the entire presentation of a reception will elevate the degree of opulence”, states Tania closing our interview. 



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