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Fit & Proper : Interview With Rick Olarenshaw, F45 Bali

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Bringing along decade of experience as professional AFL athlete, Rick Olarenshaw aims to innovate the traditional gym in Bali through F45 Studio. Hellobali manage to catch up with the Victoria-born lad between his bustling daily activity to speak about fascinating topics; from his fitness business, his comeback to football field throuh Bali Gecko Football Club to the last thing that makes him cry…

1. What inspires you to establish F45 Bali; and what differs it from other fitness center in the island?

After seeing the success of my brother Dean’s F45 studio on the Gold Coast, and how beneficial the program was, I was motivated to bring F45 to Bali. I met my business partner, Bryce Critch, at the Bali Geckos Football Club, and he was also very keen on the F45 concept. I was bored and unmotivated with traditional gyms, and I was observing that with people around me. F45 provides a highly motivating and fun environment, with a program that is addictive and achieves results quickly. It feels like a sports club, something I have been a part of and loved my whole life. It’s great to see an F45 class with a mix of ages, nationalities and languages, and different fitness levels, all smash out  the class together and high five at the end. It’s a great buzz.



2. You are also known as a former professional footballer. What training regime / philosophy did you bring from your previous career to F45?

During my professional football career, functional high intensity interval training was a common practice. F45 has been able to formalize it with the use of technology and design it so it suits so many fitness levels. The F45 program has got my body in good enough nick again now that I am back playing football again, after retiring for 15 years ago. I have always loved being part of a team environment so Bryce and I have really worked hard to create a team culture at F45


3. What is your current personal fitness goal?

My current fitness goal is to stay athletic enough so I can continue to coach and play football for the Bali Geckos. It’s getting harder to play against the young guys in their 20s, so my goal is to maintain body strength and minimize injuries so I can play a full season and contribute. I think my team mates will agree that my competitive spirit hasn’t faded!


4. You are also known as an avid surfing enthusiast. Could you name us two of your most favorite wave-riding destination around the island (or beyond), along with the reason why?

Surfing is my passion, and it’s 1 of the key reasons I moved to Bali. I didn’t learn until I retired from the AFL, but I quickly became obsessed with it. Middles at airport reef is my go to spot, you’ll often see me out there on the first boat. I don’t enjoy surfing with a lot of humans, though with F45 Canggu now open I may have to surf outside of my comfort zone!


5. What is the last thing that makes you cry? Share a bit for our readers!

I’m a fairly emotional guy to be honest. I’ve shed tears in front of my players on occasions; one of my players actually sent me a message on my birthday which made me shed a tear. I guess we all like to be appreciated and also have acknowledged when you’re going through some hardship. My dad recently passed away quite suddenly; he was my superhero who I thought was invincible. I still shed a tear daily but have come to accept that it’s normal and not something to be embarrassed by. I do have an extreme fear of snakes which I cannot overcome!


6. What’s next for F45? Any plan to opens up new branch in Bali or Indonesia in near future?

Now that F45 Seminyak is pumping, our attention will turn to our Canggu studio to recreate the same vibe. We also open F45 WTC in Jakarta this month which will present its own unique set of challenges. Our F45 membership base has led to the launch of the Bali Geckos women’s football team, the Pink Geckos. It’s been an amazing experience watching the number of participants grow, from all ages and backgrounds, and seeing the girls confront their own fears trying a new and foreign sport. The smiles on their faces and the sense of camaraderie amongst the team is gold.


7. What would you eat on your ‘cheat day’? Name us two along with the reason why!

I’m not overly strict on my diet, I tend to eat with balance and minimize “cheat” meals. With kids, it’s hard to avoid ice cream!


8. Coffee or tea?

I’ve always been a huge tea drinker, even my mum put it in my bottle as a baby. I tend to drink 1 coffee a day, more as a social outing.


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