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First [Art] Group Painting Exhibition: A Dedication To Support Local Artist Held In Seminyak Village

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In collaboration with several prestigious art galleries, Seminyak Village held a wondrous First [Art] Group Painting Exhibition; bringing together 38 aspiring local artists from Bali and beyond to showcase their visual masterpiece for the masses.

Art is a fundamental part of a community. It brings people together and inspires creativity in all forms. Especially during these unprecedented times, supporting the Arts is much needed as we band together to get through the uncertainty.

Held at Seminyak Village’s 1st Floor, First [Art] Group Painting Exhibition is a creative mission to take the lively spirit of Art in Bali to great new heights. It features no less than 38 Artists from across Indonesia, represented by 5 well known art galleries within Bali; namely Galeri Zen 1, Jala Gallery, Purpa Fine Art Gallery, Heartlab Bali, dan Titian Art Space

Since the exhibition was held, it has attracted the attention of many visitors, even some who come to Seminyak Village just for the purpose of viewing the vibrant paintings, which comes in different arrays of style and themes. The exhibition also put extra effort in arranging the displays; on a bright room so every painting details can be vividly viewed by the visitors.

There are several prominent name that participated in First [Art] Group Painting Exhibition, such as Balinese maestro Made Wianta, ‘BogBog’ cartoonist Jango Pramartha and Internationally acclaimed female painter Erica Hestu Wahyuni. Other talented names including Atmi Kristiadewi, Dangapm Murdika, I Gde Sugiada, I Made Ananda Krisna, I Made Suartama, I Made Sujendra, I Made Wahyu Senayadi, Nyoman Arisana, I Nyoman Bratayasa, I Nyoman Sukariana, I Wayan Aris Sarmanta, I Wayan Dendy Permana, Ida Bagus Indra, Ida Bagus Punia Atmaja, Ida Bagus Putu Purwa, Ida Bagus Suryantara, Jeihan Sukmantoro, Kabul, Ketut Suwidiarta, Made Wiradana, Michael Palilingan, Nana Teja, Nyoman Sujana Kenyem, Putu Edy Asmara (Asparangi), Rio Riawan, Romi Sukadana, Satya Cipta, Teja Astawa, Triwahyudi, Turi Raharjo, Uuk Paramitha, V Dedy Reru, Wayan Suastama and Yani Halim.


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