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Farine Sourdough Bakery: An Answer To Artisan Bread Creation In Bali

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Providing answers to Bali needs of artisan bakery, Farine flagship Berawa store has been set to become a new favourite destination for pastry lovers.

Launched by Mexicola Group’s Executive Chef Steven Skelly, Farine Sourdough Bakery is established with the main purpose to fulfill the demand for quality, artisanal sourdough creations; which have not been known as the island’s indigenous type of dish.

“I was opening a fine dining seafood restaurant and was spending all my time sourcing the very best product I could find,” confessed chef Skelly. “I was designing plates, kitchens and menus. The last task on my list after sea salt was sourdough. I have tried bakeries all over the country but not one had bread that I was confident in.”

The idea behind Farine was simply to fill the gap of Artisanal sourdough baking in Bali, and it resulting in a dedicated bakery which specializes in San Francisco-style sourdough baked fresh seven days a week.

Farine Flagship Bakery at Berawa

Farine Bakery’s secret weapon is its natural dough process of yeast free sourdough loaves, these are long-fermented for up to 20 hours before baked, revealing a caramelised dark crust and flavorsome sour taste. But it’s not just bread that you’ll find at Farine, though loaves of multi-grain, hearty rye, and crusty sourdough still abound, but the range has expanded into bagels, French-style pastries and decadently stuffed doughnuts filled with tropical fruit jam.

Although Berawa host the only stand-alone location of Farine flagship store at present, the bakery’s goods can already be found at a selection of all of the best cafes, restaurants and hotels around the island.

Jl. Pantai Berawa No.23, Tibubeneng, Kec. Kuta Utara
P. +62 812 3969 6420
E. [email protected]
Open daily 7.30am-3pm


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