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Fall in Love With Reality at The Istana Uluwatu

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What are the ingredients of a perfect life? Wake up to an endless ocean. Practice yoga on the face of a cliff. Optimise performance, and nourish the body with the latest biohacking tools. Meditate on the sunset, and connect with others in a natural paradise. We were lucky to have experienced all these last week at the Istana, where you can find your meditation and yoga community. But of course, it is not just a community, but it is also a lifestyle. When we care enough to take good care of our body, mind and spirit, this place has all the facilities that you need to reach your prime health in all three aspects. 

First is their Spa facilities, where you can detox yourself, optimize your health and performance, or just soak in the good company with like-minded people who go there and experience the facilities together. They have swimming pools, infrared sauna, hot and cold plunge, bar, and an area where you can meditate around the fireplace facing the cliff and bay. 

Second, which is our favourite, is the Cryotherapy. The only Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) chamber in Bali. WBC is one of the best modern methods that has been implemented to optimise hormonal balance, endorphin production, reduce inflammation, and improve recovery times after exercise or injury – and a host of other benefits. Supplied by the no.1 manufacturer of cryotherapy chambers in the world (Zimmer, IceLab), and feel the effects for yourself.

Cryotherapy benefits:

  • Anti-ageing
  • Collagen production
  • Improved circulation
  • Pain reduction
  • Hangover cure
  • Jet lag cure
  • Improve immune system response
  • Optimise sports performance
  • Aid with mental clarity

Third, is the Sensory deprivation tanks. This is one of the modern answers to enhance meditation and deep relaxation. Removing the effects of the sensory stimulus on our bodies (including gravity) has been shown to aid with an increasing number of ailments, optimise performance, and produce a rejuvenating response from the body in general. It has also been shown to aid in entering deep states of meditation.

Fourth, Hyperbaric Chambers – HBOT therapy helps to fight bacteria, heal wounds, stimulate production and release of growth factors. Combining the ancient and modern, The Istana allows technology and tradition to exist side-by-side. Modern bio-hacking methods are being utilised in tandem with meditation, yoga, and breathwork.

They believe that world-class people deserve world-class experiences. The aim is to provide a space where those seeking can not only find world-class services but can explore how to apply these to themselves. Individualising methods to suit their personal rhythms and needs. By experiencing the facilities, you will fall in love with reality again. Because life is that good!

The Istana Uluwatu

Address: Uluwatu, Pantai Suluban Street, Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361.

Phone: +62361 769869


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