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Explore Nusa Penida’s Blue Beauty: Warnakali Dive Center

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Established by a passionate French recreational divers, Warnakali is a five-star PADI-certified dive resort, presenting unique and upscale experience for those who wish to enjoy the rich underwater vista off the Shore of Nusa Penida Island.

The creation of Warnakali Diving Center is initiated by Blaise Jaeger; a seasoned diver with collective thirty-year’ experience of exploring 5000 dive sites around the world. His ambition to offer an unforgettable and unique diving experience in Bali was rewarded, as Warnakali Dive Center has indeed joined the closed club of the PADI Five Star dive resort in Bali in less than two years, before taking another step forward in excellence in September 2020 by becoming an official PADI 5-star Instructor Development Dive Resort. Warnakali Dive Center provides state-of-art training facilities for their guest in form of their signature 3-meter-deep swimming pool. Perched about 40 meters high, it is an emblematic symbol of Warnakali’s values that makes it possible to provide very professional diving courses and training.

The whole team of Warnakali Dive Center aims to guarantee a personalized welcome for each diver, whatever their level, not only to ensure comfort and safety throughout their stay, but also to offer tailor-made dives on the most beautiful dive sites in Bali–Nusa Penida. Why the reputation? Because here is the site that divers can often crosses with some rare beautiful species such as manta rays and regularly the sunfish or Mola Mola, amongst other gorgeous fish, corals, turtles, and incredible underwater ecosystem. The water is very clear and its temperature is around 26 ° C. In short, always expect pure pleasure to dive around Nusa Penida, whatever the season!

Although the currents can be intense, Warnakali Dive Center instructors are fully familiar with all the spots in Nusa Penida and will guide you safely. On the plus side, this kind of current gives the opportunity to drift dives on the northern coast of the island, and to see many pelagic animals on more technical sites. Beside Nusa Penida, Warnakali Dive Center will also regularly dive at the Gili Islands dive sites of Padang Bay, Bali, for a day safari. And for special occasions for multi-day safaris to the sites on Bali’s Eastern coast, including the USS Liberty wreck in Tulamben, Amed.

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