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Every Moment Count: Essential Travel Tips To Maximize Your Bali Holiday Experience

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So it happens…Bali’s regional government has officially postponed to open the international entrance for tourism until–at the very least, the end of 2020. But don’t use this as an excuse to fret or frown, as it provides more time to plan your holiday in the island! You should use this moment to carefully organize your next Bali trip, and make every moment of your vacation count. Here we listed some of the handy, practical tips and insight to maximize your experience and ensure a memorable getaway vacation. Do check them out!

1. Really Utilize Your Trip Advisor

Most people nowadays use Trip Advisor apps for their restaurant or hotel recommendations, but actually there is so much more that you can do with this handy popular apps. Before travelling, check the discussion boards to hear what other fellow travelers are asking and answering about the place you’re headed. Topics range from ways to save money in a place to the best way to get from point A to point B. Explore and exploit the apps function to make your travel progress a breeze, like a local!

2. Travel (Very) Light

Most of us have heard this before: “leave your luggage behind”, and it still applies as an essential 101 tips for every traveler. The less clothes you brought to the airport, the better and more relaxing trip you’ll have! Control the urge to squeeze “just one more” outfit into your bag by bringing one of each thing: one great dinner dress/suit, one pair of versatile jeans, one pair of sandals, some pairs of comfy underwear, and couple of neutral-colored plain shirt for all occasion. This also saves you (and your beloved travel companion) from the dreadful “What should I wear?” debate that better belongs at home. Nobody expect you to cart your whole closet across the Ocean!

3. The 5-Must-Bring Items

No matter wherever you go, these five items are essentials and should be on your travel belongings: 1. Alarm Clock. Okay, you don’t actually have to bring the conventional alarm clock, as now every smartphones have a built-in one with decent quality. You don’t want to miss some sunrise trip or exciting morning activity just because you sleep a little late from binge-watching your favorite Netflix series the night before at the hotel. Don’t just rely on wake-up call! 2. A bar of soap. This one specifically apply for backpackers. Most hotel, villa, resort, air BnB hostel or lodging nowadays provide proper bathing amenities, but its always better to be safe than sorry. Besides, a wafer-thin bar of soap will take no more than a few space on your backpack. 3. Password-protected digital copy of your travel documents; passport, driving licenses, bank details, etc. Scan and upload them to your cloud drive for extra protection.  4. Multi-plug power strip. Especially when you have to temporarily stop on a place that only have one or two electric socket during your full-day trip. You can be blessing for fellow travelers as well by bringing this small-and-often overlooked handy tool. Thank us later for this one. 5. Mini-cooler. Sometime, you will be off for a hiking or camping trip on your holiday, and a small, collapsible cooler have proven itself valuable far beyond the campground. You can store your favorite drink, sweet snack or edible souvenirs, like those strawberries you just picked on the way home from Bedugul.

4. Snap Now, Share Later

From having a gorgeous, exclusive sweet bites at Room4Dessert to enjoying a cocktail sundown moment at Ku De Ta, the urge to share beautiful meal and scenic vistas in your Bali trip on social media can sometime be very overwhelming. Sure, there are arrays of cool ways to document your trips and make those fellows back home a bit envious. But all too often we’re so preoccupied with instantly sharing our adventures that we forget to fully savor them. Quick tips: try parking the edited feed posts and beauty shots until you’re back home and can thoughtfully curate your travel experiences, make use of ‘story’ mode on platform like Instagram or Facebook if you want to share a quick glimpse of the fabulous places you are currently in. Faster and less hassle! (If you don’t take it every few seconds, that is)

5. Off the Beaten Path

Holiday travelling has become more and more precious, especially in times like this, so why would you like to spend it only in the popular destinations? Veer of the island’s main road and trade the vibrant and familiar Kuta or Seminyak scene for a trip to the scenic Sibangkaja region of Ubud to have a peaceful, pampering upscale body treatment at FiveElements Spa Retreat, for example. Or go visit some other region like Tabanan or Kintamani, which now become well-renowned by the locals for their immaculate flower fields and scenic mountain-view cafes. If you crave for fantastic beach, Pantai Melasti is a wonderful alternative which can cater you with several high-end chill-out venue along its seaside, including the recently-opened Minoo Beach Club which boasts a gorgeous bohemian architecture style. Enjoy the island’timeless tropical vibe from different perspective and make the best of your post-COVID holiday experience!

6. Leave Your Fear and Fly (Unless you are sick)

Now, for the question everyone seems to ask: Is it safe to fly with the coronavirus still circulating? Well, that really depends partly on where you are. But while hard evidence is scarce, it appears the risk of being infected with the coronavirus during a flight is relatively low. Nowadays, many airports has regulate a routine check on passenger’s temperatures before they board, and airlines now disinfect planes between flights and require passengers to wear masks. The air on planes is also replaced every 3 to 5 minutes, and the air that is recirculated goes through HEPA filters that should remove almost all droplets containing viruses. It is of course safest not to travel, especially if your health is in a vulnerable state. And if you have symptoms that might be coronavirus, you definitely must stay at home, at least for the next two weeks before you redo the test.

7. Trust Your Local Handy Guide

Last but not least, it is important to keep yourself informed of ‘whats happening’ during your travel, along with other handy tips and suggestions of wonderful places you can visit on your precious Bali getaway. Simply bookmark to enjoy the our weekly quality content, and our bi-monthly digital publication which contains more in-depth and compelling stories of carefully curated high-end travel destinations; restaurant, spa, resorts, and other activities. Let us help to make the best out of your holiday experience!


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