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Everlasting Love

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Bali’s power couple, Feby and Tipi Jabrik share their marital secrets on creating a love that will last.

Tell us, how do the years changed your relationship?

Feby: Well, it certainly has changed a lot. When we were dating, it was all about us. Then, our daughter, Suri was born and his brother, Shia arrived next. The kids are our priority now. In between raising these two, we keep reminding ourselves to take some time off as a couple. Just like what we did for our wedding anniversary: we went away without the kids for three weeks.

Tell us about your kids and what have you been up to lately?

Feby: Suri is 9 ½ years and Shia is 5 years old. Both born in Bali. They take after their dad and love to surf. Meanwhile, I am content to watch them surf.

Tipi: As about what we’ve been up to. Well, we gave birth to another kid, Kosta Hostel. We call it Beds for Nomads, a boutique hostel that we designed and built from scratch. To complement the hostel, we also opened The Good Mantra Café in the compound. It’s a casual neighbourhood cafe serving tasty breakfast and lunch. The plan is to open another Kosta in Canggu in the next year.


Let’s go back to the beginning. How did you meet each other?

Tipi: Well, I was out one night and suddenly saw this tall beautiful girl with long hair. Luckily, she was with somebody that I know. I immediately asked her for Feby’s number!

Feby: She is my cousin. Soon after they finished talking, I asked her: who was that guy?

What made you decided to say ‘I do’ to each other?

Feby: I love Tipi’s adventurous and spontaneous side. I was 21 when we got married but I knew that our life is going to be an adventure.

Tipi: I sort of knew from the beginning that she’d be the woman that I will marry someday. Bali is my home and I’ve always thought that I’d marry a Balinese woman.

Time to be honest: who rules the household and maintain the peace?

Feby: There is no peace in our house! Joking! We both are trying to complement each other, I am the women of the house, he is the man. We both kind of know our own responsibilities and duty.

Tipi: Feby is taking care of the family and because of her support, I can continue to pursue my passion for surfing, compete, joining the campaigns about surfing in Indonesia and ocean clean up. At the moment, our ocean is one big dumping ground.

You are the couple who work and live together. How do you juggle both?

Tipi: For us, it is to be able to admit and separate what we’re good or not good at. We have different set of skills. We try not to mix them up and let the other does what she’s good at and vice versa.

Feby: Yes, there’s no other way. You just somehow have to make it work. Admittedly, we sometimes got carried away and carry the work home. There are always ups and downs but we have learned to compromise and tolerate each other.

Care to share your recipe for a good marriage?

Tipi: I think having kids is part of the recipe of a good marriage. They created a shared responsibility between the two of you. The other important thing is to have a financial security and to keep pursuing your passion and career.

Feby: And always remember to take some time off as a couple! It is ok to be selfish sometimes.

Tipi: Yes. You have to remember why you decided to get together in the first place. I love my wife and I think she loves me too. So all is ok! (laugh)

Last question, what quality that you like most from your spouse?

Feby: Tipi is patient and affectionate.

Tipi: Feby got a fire within her. She’s highly spirited and always happy.


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