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Eight Treasures Building Beauty And Good Health At Your Home Through #8TAtHome

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Marking the ultimate pursuit in life and culinary experience, Eight Treasures (Contemporary Royal Chinese Steamboat) seeks to enhance one’s health and beauty through their nourishing signature broths. and now they are ready to bring that to customer’s home through #8TAtHome programme

Originating from the ancient Chinese symbol of fortune which also represents prosperity, bliss and fulfilment and more, Eight Treasures seeks to improve wellness with a clever use of Traditional Chinese health techniques into a unique dining experience, where herbal medicines are creatively adopted into healthy gourmet soup bases.

To accommodate their guest through emergency activity limitation (PPKM Darurat), Eight Treasures introduces a new #8TAtHome in which guest can order the restaurant’s dishes via online and savour them in the comfort of their home. There are selections of curated menu for 1 to 4 pax, and to ensure the overall experience, the restaurant even provides portable stove and pots to be borrowed by request.

Signature Nourishing Cartilage Soup is the pride of Eight Treasures. Brewed for over 8 hours and presented with a finish of gold flakes, this smooth and silky broth is rich in collagen – a protein famous for its properties of youth rejuvenation and treatment of cancer and arthritis.

Collagen is useful in defying wrinkles, cellulite, thinning skin, and brittle hair and also acts as an inhibitor of new cancer cells. It is also known to improve metabolism, improves joint flexibility and promotes better sleep. For other fine alternatives, the Shark Cartilage Soup is an ultimate nourishment for your skin and body.

Eight Treasures only believes to serve the best to its valued customers. They serve high quality USDA beef to Japanese Wagyu beef and freshest seafood from the ocean; such as live fish, Canadian geoduck clam, lobster Mutiara, that will be bathed in the carefully crafted broths. Their seafood and meatballs are freshly made every day.

IG: @8treasuresjkt


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